Tuesday, August 31, 2021

In Goddess we trust

She can make time, though, if need be.

Many men don't remember but then their lives are busier than his.  Not that that's an excuse, obviously.



No pain, no gain as my SO likes to say.


What's weird about screaming when you've just had your genitals electrocuted?  Perfectly normal reaction if you ask me.  What's that?  You didn't ask me?  Oh, OK, then.  Sorry.

I hope she doesn't hurt herself.

...and an extra one, just to be topical.  Well... moderately topical, in that it is only a few days out of date.  Unless OnlyFans have reversed their policy reversal back again, or something.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Painful recollections

Yes, to celebrate the most depressing public holiday the UK has - the end of what is often with atypical British overstatement referred to as 'the summer' - here are more reminiscences from a better-run although oddly misnamed 'kingdom'.  

 More OWK ladies reminiscing about the good old days, in other words.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Tie me up and I'll confess

 ...a thousand ways that make you statuesque. (just more old music, nothing specifically femdom I'm afraid.  But it does feature Louise Wener and those lucky sleeperblokes, which is femdom enough for some).



Watch and learn - although it's by no means certain you'll ever get the chance to put it into practice.



Not often I feature maledom here, but I'm open-minded about it - I don't mind maledoms, as long as they end up beaten, enslaved and crushed in body and spirit.




They are very concerned with fairness - and with unfairness too, obviously.

Well, as long as he's cool about it I suppose you should be too.



Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Painful untruths


I'd offer to get rid of it myself but someone seems accidentally to have secured my wrists to the sides of the bed, here.  I'll have to have a word about that.



She'll get the hang of it.


One of the riskier fetishes is 'very pissed-off dominatrix'.

The depressing thing is, as it's a vanilla porn movie. your being beaten up isn't even really central to the main action.  Try femdom: at least there, the beatings you receive are part of the sexy bit rather than filler.


I'll just have another nonesome, then.  Maybe two.

Friday, August 20, 2021

People can be so cruel

 Thank goodness.

Some people think that the life of a submissive is to be a mindless automaton, obeying orders with at most a muttered 'yes, Mistress'.  But actually, there's a lot of thought involved, not to mention worrying and sheer naked terror at possible consequences of thoughtlessness.

Julia?  Oh... she can be a bit difficult, but, y'know: I can't complain.

That's all right - plenty of time to learn.

Inmates at the prison camp - especially those convicted of sexism and similar offences - might be surprised to learn there are rules forbidding excessively harsh treatment.  But there are - and the proof is in the surprisingly high survival rates which are well over 80% for all but the most annoying inmates.  Personally I don't approve of that kind of mollycoddling, but no one cares about my opinion.

It's always a bit embarrassing for professional educators to meet their students outside the classroom.  That goes double for male educators meeting young female students, especially if it's a hot day and the students' feet are sweaty.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Heroine addiction


My SO says I'm a sore loser and I indeed, I usually am.



She'll forget, so why shouldn't he?

She's shortly to embark on an exciting project to test the effect of repeated applications on saliva on shoe-leather, just as soon as she secures the funding.

I've been declared mentally incapable - physically too, come to think of it - by many women, but never formally.

She seems very relaxed about the thought of all that jerking-off.  I suppose it made her and Patty a lot of money... but it's not as if they deliberately encourage it, is it?  Oh look, here's a short clip from the second movie.  Just put it on repeat if it's not quite long enough for you.

 _ Wonder Woman 2 Trailer Official ONE Media New Movie Gal Gadot Film & Animation Film Cinema 2020 trending discover-wonder woman 1984 GIF

Friday, August 13, 2021

Dressed to oppress

Desires are OK.  You're welcome to have desires.  But they're not needs.

I don't feel very masculine.  But then I never do.





OK, better humour her. I hope she does actually know the way, though - there's nothing worse than asking someone on the street for directions, and you get into a conversation and it turns out they don't really know.



She's right, but even the saddest, loneliest life can be lit up by Joy.

Actually, she's wrong about that - you don't need to learn to control yourself, not now she's around.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Loving tyranny

But if we're going to have a talk then surely I shouldn't be wearing a gag?  I don't think she's thought this through.


After the war, those that survived the mission never spoke about what they went through.  They did their duty, that's all anyone needs to know.



My SO is almost like a human lie detector. When I know I've done something wrong and she questions me about it, my heart starts racing and I go into a cold sweat.

My SO loves acting out teasing and denial fantasies.  Admittedly, we've only tried it once but it's going very, very well.


It's her book club choice, so the house'll be full of her friends eager to discuss it, at the weekend.  Better get the drinks and nibbles in.

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Celebrating difference

First in what might be an occasional series.



Sooo... just on this one above. In case there is anyone out there who is considering visiting a pro-domme for the first time and takes this image to reflect the reality that awaits him and is put off as a result... well, sorry, I don't mean to be rude but are you completely out of your fucking mind?  Seriously.  Do you really take this blog as a guide to the reality of femdom?  I mean, it obviously isn't, right?  Quite apart from the fact that it says it isn't, some of the material here breaks physical laws of the universe let alone the bounds of 'realism' or even 'sanity'.  Get a grip.

Sorry, where was I?  Right, anyway: the first domme you visit will be lovely, OK?  And she'll do everything she can to put you at your ease (except for the 'good' nervousness, if you know what I mean) - and she'll be good at that, because she's done it before, yeah?  And she knows what she's doing and - oh just book it and go, you'll have a wonderful time.

Everyone clear about that?  Good. Moving on.

Friday, August 6, 2021

Domestic goddesses


She didn't actually write all of the lyrics herself of course, but she suggested the basic themes.



Don't feel bad about the waste of electricity, though: no electricity used by a woman to shock a man is ever truly wasted.


And if you don't like the red colour, the marks come in purple and black too as long as you go long enough.

The goddess on the left is the lovely Miss Zoe.  The one on the right is not.

She was a spectacularly naughty schoolgirl, I've heard.


Well, my arm's not tired either, so why shouldn't I?  Honestly, women say the strangest - ah, no, let me go, please Ma'am, don't!