Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Shut up, she explained

I always find her explanations entirely convincing.

Butt-plug day
Oooh - that's a nasty sensation, isn't it?  When you really have to go but...  On the other hand, arguing with her can lead to much nastier sensations, so probbaly best just to go with it.  It's not as if she's giving you a choice.

Femdom sorry
Femdom means always having to say you're sorry.

Complimentary drinks male service
I bet she can, too.  Or I would, if I were allowed money.

Forced feeding femdom
She's a bit squeamish about that sort of thing.  Best to just swallow it straight away.


Friday, July 26, 2013


Madame Sarkas travels
Fair point.  It's quite hard to travel internationally without money too.  Or clothes.
  Madame Sarka.  Of course.  Need I say more?

Schoolgirl skirt humiliation
I expect they'll just agree to keep it our little secret, don't you?  In exchange for total obedience, obviously.
 From St Mackenzie's, a site that (in the previews at least) has lots of wonderful shots of schoolmistresses looking stern, and schoolgirls looking dangerous... but then disappointingly always seems to have them take their clothes off and look ready for vanilla sex.  I mean, who wants to see that?  There are some real weirdos out there, no?

Why does it have to be so difficult
This is kind of autobiographical.  I really hate the actual feeling of being beaten, so although in the weeks leading up to a session I'm all excited, in the hour or so before there's just this "oh fuck, pretty soon someone's going to be hitting me with a leather strap and it's going to hurt!".  Out of all the fetishes there are, why this one, hmmm?  Why not cuddly toys, or something?  Or ballooons.  I've tried...and balloons do nothing for me.
This is from Cruella.  You could tell even without the tag, right? 

Size most certainly does matter
Go on - surprise her!
 No idea who this is.  Doesn't matter, though, as after tonight I expect she won't be seeing you again.

Good hard ball-busting
Yes, you'll always have those memories.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Through the window


Oh, hi Mr Travis!

Are you leaning out just to say hi to me, or are you –

Oh dear. Again?  Oh poor you.  I think it’s awful the way she makes you bend over the window sill like that when she’s going to beat you. It must be so humiliating! I guess that’s part of the punishment, huh?

So what did you do this time?

 Did you?  Oh. We girls are quite particular about the way we have our dresses ironed. Ask your lodger next time – I might be able to give you some advice. Pleats are hard, though.

So is it the paddle again? I had a friend who used to get the paddle from his dad when I was a kid.  He used to say it hurt like hell.  One day his dad caught him saying that and paddled him double for profanity.  Kinda fair, I guess.

No? Oh.  I thought you got the paddle.  What are you getting then?

A what? A “quirt”? What’s that?*

Oh. You mean, kind of like a whip? Oh boy, that sounds pretty rough. You get that just for messing up the ironing?  Gee, you get whipped just for pleats not being straight.  Your wife is kinda strict, huh?

Second time? Oh, OK. I guess you got the paddle last time, huh?  Well, didn't that make you kinda take extra care, this time, - and -

Yeah.  Well, pleats are hard.

OK. Well anyway, I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. I mean – I guess you’ll feel uncomfortable enough pretty soon! I’ll just swing here for a bit. I’ll try not to look at you, when –

Oh, hi Mrs Travis! How are you?

Yeah, pretty good. Isn’t it great that the sun’s out again? I could just be out here all day.

Hmmm? No, no he hasn’t been round with the lawnmower for a while. Well… yeah, he did say he would. But it’s OK. I quite like the grass this long. Any time’s fine.

No really, I don’t mind! I’m sure he had other things to do and – well, all right. I guess he’s your husband, huh?

Oh - and if he's coming round anyway?  Do you think he could cut back some of the bushes, going back to the garden house?  Only they're growing over the side and it's... Well, I guess I could just ask him.  But I thought I'd check with you first, because - oh wow, is that the 'quirt'?  Boy, I'm glad that's not for me.  Wow, that's pretty serious, huh?  What's it like when it -


Oh my god! Did you just - ?  Wow, that was a real crack, like a - oh my god.  Are you sure he's OK?  He looks kinda - oh are you gonna do it agai - Oh MY GOD!

(Hurriedly) OK, well, I can see you guys want to get on with it so - OH! Wow!  Three.  That must really hurt! - yeah, I'll just... actually, I left my book inside.  See you!

The end

* this:

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pretty mean

Pretty girls can be so mean, don't you think?

I knew this girl in high school, for example. She was pretty and cute, and she hung out with all of the cool kids. So of course, I was amazed when she asked me round to her place one day. I suspected she just wanted help with her homework, you know, but I couldn't control my hopes that she might be sweet on me, and my heart was pounding out of my chest when I rang her doorbell.

But wouldn't you know it, as soon as I was inside, she knocked me out and I woke up in a dark cellar, where over the course of that week, she and her friends subjected me to the most unspeakable tortures and sexual humiliations, then locked me in chastity and condemned me to a lifetime of chained servitude as her male maid! Girls, eh? True story.

Well, except the bit about being in high school. I'm British. We don't really have them.

But every word of the rest is true. Honest.


Wife worship
Worship...devotional prayers...human sacrifice - whatever she wants, really.

Femdom food again
Oh don't be ridiculous.  Of course she's not going to fry up his balls!  What a suggestion!  She's going to lightly glaze them with cardamom-scented honey, and serve on a bed of sauteed mange-tout with polenta.

Punished at work
It's generally not a good idea to let your manager and your dominatrix work together.  But once they do, the best thing to do is just to accept the situation.  After all, you have no choice.

Bridal bridle
Awww.  Isn't that sweet, to think of your comfort like that?  That's why you're marrying her, right?

Shame punishment
Therapy can help, too.  For example, I discovered that my fears of sexual inadequacy stem from being sexually inadequate.  I owe my therapist a great debt, which I'm paying off in monthly installments deducted directly from my salary.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Tough love

Very tough, sometimes.  Ouch.

Captioned images of female domination follow.  Obviously.

Femdom air stewardess
Not a clothes cupboard, you understand.  Don't get your hopes up, loser.

Yes.  Apparently she doesn't have Madame Sarka's easygoing and forgiving nature, so do watch it.  Still - congratulations!  Happiest day of your life, and all that!
 Madame Sarka, of course, formerly of OWK.

Oh I always do that sort of thing.  Live for today, I say!  Who knows where we'll be tomorrow, eh?  Well, I mean, in this case here, obviously.  And the day after that, and...
 This image from Cruella.  There's a certain bleakness that is unmistakable.  Mmmmm.

Oh no.  I hate going to her parents'.  Especially after a flogging.  Oh well... who said life had to be fair?

Gratuitous cruelty  - dontcha love it?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Caller display

Do you remember we talked about keeping quiet during punishment?  And we practiced last time?
Right.  Well here’s the test.  You’re going to kneel on the stool over there, in front of the computer on that table.  You’re going to log onto your Skype account – no, not the NaughtyTrevor you use to contact me, your real one - and you’re going to Skype someone at work.
What is it you’re supposed to be doing today?  A conference, was it?  Right.  You can tell them all about the conference. What is it supposed to be about?  “Budgeting software”?  Good.
So who can you call at the office? 
Henry?  Oh, I don’t think so.  Any women?
“Tracy”?  Who’s Tracy?  Your secretary?  Is she?  Well, what an important person you must be, to have Tracy for your secretary.  I hope you’re always polite and respectful to her.  Maybe we can talk about that another time.
Right, so you’re going to call Tracy and tell her all about the conference on budgeting software.  And while you’re talking, I’ll be standing a bit to the side with the hairbrush.
And from time to time I’ll smack your bare bottom with it.  Every time I hear the word ‘conference’ or ‘presentation’ or ‘software’ or ‘budgeting’…let's see, or ‘office’ - from you or Tracy you’re getting a smack.  And sometimes you’ll get a smack anyway,  just because I feel like it.  Don’t worry – the mike doesn’t pick up sounds from far away.  But it will pick it up if you squeal, or grunt or anything like that, won’t it?  So you’d better be very calm while you’re spanked… just like we practiced.  Calmer, in fact.
Now, the call doesn’t end until I say so.  If Tracy starts to hang up, just change the subject or ask about something.  If it ends before I give permission, we’re going to do it again, only this time it’ll be your mother you’re calling and it’ll be the cane.
Oh - one more thing.  Somehow you have to work the word 'hairbrush' into the conversation?  You have to say it at least once, in a context that makes sense.  Got it?

What do you mean, what happens if you don't?  What usually happens if you disobey an order of mine?

That's right.

Now pull your trousers down, and get up on the stool. 

Good.  And log into Skype...

...and call Tracy.  I'm sure she will want to hear all about the interesting presentations <SMACK> at the conference <SMACK> on budgeting <SMACK> software <SMACK>. 

Oh dear.  I hope you're going to do better than that on the call.  Otherwise Tracy might - ah, it's ringing!

Come on Tracy...

...maybe she's away from her desk...?

...is there anyone else, you can - ooop!

"Hello?  Oh, is that Trevor?  Wow - the picture's really clear.  How's the conference?"



The lady, of course, is the wonderful Cassie Hunter, a lady whose demeanor, look and personality together press more of my buttons than I can possibly count.  I can scarcely imagine anything that would excite me more than the thought of a session with her... but my pain limits are actually so feeble, I can't think of anything that would terrify me more than the reality of a session with her.  Perhaps one day I'll be bold - or reckless - enough to call....  In the meantime, though, there is her web site.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Do you really want to hurt me?

Do you really want to make me cry?

Oh...say you do.

Death by boots
"Boots" is a surprisingly popular choice.  You can also sell the right to choose, to someone else, then just take pot luck.  Quite fun, if you're feeling adventurous.
 The picture is from The British Institution.  It's very British.  I love it.

Femdom food
Oh well.  It's been deep-fried.  How bad can it be?

Cassie certainly does cane
 The lady is of course the magnificent Hunteress (also known as Cassie Canes), and the source is indicated on the watermark.  Boris appears courtesy of SlavesForMovies Inc.

Beating on demand
They also provide a complimentary paddle, by the minibar, and there's a shackle in the bathroom.  It's those little touches that make the difference between simply staying in a hotel and having an experience there.

Punished for being bad in bed
Sounds fair.

The caption for the picture above was loosely inspired by this rather excellent video on humiliation.  You've probably already seen it, but if you haven't I recommend it.  The lady involved is...well, not exactly vanilla, but she's not femdom particularly either, as this is one of a large series of talks about various sexual practices.  But as well as talking about it, from time to time she simply slips in some actual verbal humiliation.  For some reason, the fact that she does so in such a matter of fact manner, reading from a script with cheerful interest...even the fact that the scene keeps cutting, particularly when she reaches for an inhaler because she's got a cold... all that, just adds to the humiliation for me.  I think it's lovely.  Anyway, there's a bit where she says you have to be "punished for being so bad in bed", and the phrase has stayed with me... and perhaps always will.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Her kink is not your kink

Oh darling, don’t be such a prude!  So you found my naughty little stash of snuff DVDs?  This is the 21st century, you know!  I think the world’s beginning to realise that women have fantasies, too, hmm?  Even kinky ones.  50 Shades of Grey and all that?
So, did you watch any?  Didn’t you?  Oh come on! Of course you did!  Which did you have a look at?
Oh wow, that’s one of my favourites.  Did you watch the bit where they take the bag off, and he’s all relieved and gasping because he can breathe again, and then they put it back on and this time they tie a cord around his –
Oh for goodness sake!  Well of course it’s not real!  If you’d bothered to watch a bit more, you’d have seen the bit after the credits where they take the bag off and they show you he’s still alive.  He’s a bit blue at first but they slap him around and after a moment, he comes to and his chest starts heaving up and down as he gasps in the air.  He’s fine – he’s a professional.  He’s probably done it loads of times.
Then I’ve got a few hanging ones – there’s one with The Hangmistress.  She’s really famous in the industry – best rope-work around.  Because it makes all the difference, you know, whether they dangle there and slowly choke, or the neck just snaps right there.  It’s nice to take it slowly, but sometimes you just want a nice sexy snap, you know?
Yes…that’s all fake too.  Of course it is!  They have these little interviews before in which the boys are chatting happily away about how excited they are.  They wouldn’t do that if they knew they were about to be murdered, now, would they?
Oh – and there’s a really rare French one.  With a guillotine! Goodness only knows how they fake that.  You actually see the heads coming off.  Very clever.  And each boy gets to see what happens to the others, before they put him in, so he's screaming and begging...mmm.
…you know, it’s actually kind of sexy that you thought it was real?  You just sitting there, being all scared because you thought you were watching an actual murder!  Thinking your little wife gets off to boys being tortured and killed like that…
so, ermmm...
…so, how about popping one of those in the DVD and coming over here, and we can watch it together, hmm?  No, not that one – I don’t think you’re ready for Barbara’s Barbecue.  It’s kind of hard core.  Yeah, so's Crucified by Co-eds.  Have you got Plead for your life there?  Brilliant, let’s watch that.  And...how about you get naked and go down between my legs, hmm?  Just like the boy in the movie, who’s pleading for his life.
No of course I’m not going to tell you what happens!  That’ll spoil the surprise.  I’ll give you a clue, though – get ready to lick really firmly in about 12 minutes.  Because I’m going to be coming pretty hard!  And you wouldn’t want to disappoint your wife, now, would you?  You’ll see on the DVD what happens to boys who don’t please their –
Oh stop panicking!  I’m just trying to get into it.  Fantasy?  Remember?  Just fantasy?  All right, I won’t say anything.  We’ll just watch.  But hurry up and get down there, OK?  She’s going to start winding the wire around his neck soon.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains

...and isn't that great?

Femdom abduction fantasy
No.  You're not going far.

Princess Kali is pretty mean
It's useful to understand your partner's hard limits.  For example, my Significant Other is OK with most forms of play, but 'disobedience' and 'answering back' are real hard limits for her.
 The lady is of course the divine Princess Kali, who manages to look sweet, and mean, and sweetly mean, all at the same time.

OTher world kingdom scene
Czech has almost twenty different ways of saying "sorry", you know.  Which actually turns out to be quite useful.

Caned weight loss
Two OWK captions in one posting.  Goodness. Servitor must be feeling in need of harsh treatment.

Hairbrushing femdom wife
It's a nice gesture, but what's the betting she'll decide she wants to use the belt this time?  Women - eh?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A daily act of brutality

Unusually for me, a themed post.  See if you can guess the theme.
All images taken from the public spaces of "The British Institution", or tumblrs, not from behind the paywall to my knowledge.
Well worth a visit - once you're in, you'll find you can't leave.  Not for five years anyway, even with good behaviour.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Just a short one...too long for a caption.

Well, she thought, that had gone even more smoothly than she had expected. He’d practically begged her to tie him up. She wondered whether he’d played kinky games like this before, with one or other of the women whose existence she’d discovered using his phone at the weekend.
He can tell me all about it later, she thought, stretching luxuriously. Every last detail.
She smiled, and poked him gently with the heel of one of the kinky boots. They’d been a good investment anyway, even if she was going to wear them only once. And the corset.  Ridiculous, uncomfortable things. In a moment, she’d go and take them off and come back wearing something a lot more comfortable. She wondered whether that would be the point at which he’d realise it wasn’t a kinky sex game?
Or maybe it wouldn’t finally sink in until he caught sight of the tools she was planning to use on him.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Worm's eye view

Do worms actually have eyes?  Or a point of view?  I know I'm not allowed one of those, not about anything that matters.

Ah well, on we go.

Oh well.  Never mind.
 This of course is Princess Kali, whose perfect balancing of sweetness and cruelty presses all the buttons I have.  It's the little tiara that always does it for me. Aaaahhh.

Oooh!  Maybe Steve's going to get a blowjob too?  How exciting.
 The lady in the picture is Ashley Edmonds.  She's fantastic.  Don't know who the males are.  But who cares?  Just males. 

I can imagine being very polite.  But I expect she's right.  She usually is.

Well, that's very kind.  She'll stop being kind soon, don't worry.
 Domina Irene Boss, of course, whose boots I am not fit to lick (I mean, even more than those of most ladies).

Must be awful.  Don't you think?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Slavery, inequality, sorority

Forced bi blowjob practice
He might have his hair tugged less if he cuts it too.  He looks like a bit of a sissy with hair that long, if you ask me.
 The divine Ms Darla Kincaid.

Isn't that sweet?  Of course, they didn't keep the ponies for long.  They're so expensive to keep.  But they'll always have that memory.

Don't be jealous that she's so much better in bed than you are.  After all, you're so much better at ironing than she ever was. 

I think you just pushed her own limits.  I don't recommend that.

It's silly to blame her for your own faults, now, isn't it?