Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Tender loving cruelty, that is.

Smothering hotline
Let's hope the helpline gets back to her quickly.  She doesn't want a suffocated corpse lying around her flat - again.

Female supremacy means never having to admit youre wrong
Not that it really matters.

Anal hooks and testicular clamps oh my
Men who find it difficult to see their wives' points of view should try it - it's amazing what a few hours of agony can do.

Oh no.  Not Sarah.  Not again.  That's just not fair.  Maybe you should say something?

Mini men crush fantasy
Thought I'd moved on, didn't you?  Oh no.  She haunts my dreams...and my hard drive.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's all my fault

Nothing in particular.  Just generally.

Branded for wife
Come on now.  That's got to be a hard limit.  Just look her straight in the eye and tell her you won't let her.

Fear of femdom
Actually, fear and trust can go hand in hand to make the relationship fly.  Like love and contempt.

caned on the thighs too
Phew.  Let's hope Miss Chalmer is in a kind mood too.

Slave tracker femdom
You should be grateful to her for making the effort to control every single aspect of your life.

Sweet dominant wife
Aaah...  Isn't that nice.  It makes me think of our honeymoon.  Raoul was a real pig that whole time, too.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gently does it

Let me just - ouch - try to settle myself back in this - oooh! - chair, and I'll just see if I can get some pictures to put up.  Sorry.  With you in a moment.  Just a bit battered and bruised.  Thank you, Miss Black.

Ouch.  Right then.  Got some captioned images here somewhere, lovely fresh ones, ah here we go:

Get the pain with the strain
It's actually a rhetorical question.  I'm not even sure there is a right answer, but believe me "Because they'll be ripped right off and I'll be left castrated in agony you evil bitch!" isn't it.

Injection of humour
Just for Paltego.  He da man.

Orgasms are just vulgar anyway
Isn't that special?

Occasionally I wonder whether anyone reads these bits wibble wibble lampost
Phobias are funny things, aren't they?

Yo ho yo ho
Kindly humiliation - an underserved niche in the femdom market, I've often thought.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No blog post today

Because I will be in North London, once more contemplating the Divine.

And probably atoning for a few things I've done since the last time I was in Her presence, too. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Gently brutal

Cruella 1980s heady days
Consent: it's the most important word in BDSM.  Of course Jane will usually say it's OK - but you should always, always ask.

Small penis humiliation again
And yet they're too small for her boyfriend.  What a waste.

Denied thrice
I quite enjoy the occasional onesome.  It's just the beating afterwards that bothers me.  In fact, I'm reporting tomorrow, so maybe I should watch what I say.

What a way to earn a living
It's sad that there are still so many people in the economy who have to do such disgusting things for a living.  Still, quite a lot of investment bankers have now moved on to other careers, like our friend in this picture. 

Nullified by Raoul
Men understand men, you see.  She'd never have thought of that.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Unworthy thoughts

Obeyinf Cindy
To those who might argue that 'HMS Cindy' doesn't sound scary enough, I can only say that you haven't met Cindy when she's cross...

Reassuring threats
Speak softly and carry a rattan cane.

Grim reality of despair
Actually, the way the caption starts off is a bit misleading.  Mark doesn't actually have any good days.

One or off she ponders
So, David's being done too.  That's David, Michael...and didn't Anishta have Rajiv done last year?  Goodness, you're almost the only one in the circle of friends still fully intact.  There's a thought to ponder.

Dressing for pleasure
Real dominant women love nothing more than to sit around in uncomfortable clothing having their boots made all slimey by being licked.  They all like to dress their slaves up as little girls, too.  It must be true, I've seen it on the Internet.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rebel without a clue

She asked me, "What are you submitting to?" and I smirked and said "What have you got?".

So she hit me.

I like this one.  I really do.  This is why I caption pictures.

It's OK, you can scream if you like.  She doesn't mind. Rather likes it, actually, if done with taste.

Domination Facial
You should be pleased.  Very few men can really make a woman laugh like that.

Toilet slavery and marriage, what a combination
We all have days that feel like that.  Harvey's are just more literal.

Spiky chastity belt and spiky keyholder
You will thank her later, you know.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Contemplating the corner

Tumtitum.  Bad servitor.  Don't look over here, just look at the pretty pictures please.

Thank you ma'am
It's probably because you don't really feel very grateful.  Don't worry, that'll come with time and effort.  And pain too.  Obviously.

The boots!  The boots!
What's the time, Mrs Wolf?

Caned to sensitivity
He's a sensitive man.  Very sensitive, right now.

It's what the riding whip is for
Women riding horses?  Frankly the whole thing just strikes me as too perverted for words.

Mistress starvation diet
Serves you right, you fat bastard*
* Unless you're not.  In which case it doesn't.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A sore loser

That's me.

When I've been lucky enough to atone at the feet of my Significant Other, that is.  Which hasn't been for a while.  But today's the day I pollute Her inbox with an email humbly requesting a visit in mid-February.  Lucky servitor, always a loser and soon to be sore.

Slave in the Russian outdoors
This is the thirteenth picture in a twenty picture photo set.  The ones from seventeen up are a bit icky, to be honest.

Cruella magic
The life of a film star.  It's not all glamour, you know.  And they want the caning reshot from yesterday too.

Leash for hubby
There's nothing to be embarassed about.  She's already told most of the people who are going to be there all about your little 'thing' that you like to get off to, after all.

Just look into those eyes, fall in love and obey.

You do have the right to remain silent, but that's rather unlikely to happen, isn't it?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Divine orders

Freely given and unfreely but gratefully taken.

Girls just love diamonds, don't they?  So better make your quota, shortie.

Remorseless - what a lovely word
Her father had an opinion too.  But he kept it to himself, same as usual.

Anyway, I understand Karen's planning some more of her little party games, and she'll need you there for that too, won't she?

Beg her beg her!
Actually, 'holding still' can be quite easy when you're strapped down quite so tightly.  But you know what she means.

Castration caption femdom and all that baby
Hmmm.  No more chastity belt for you, eh?  Aren't you the lucky one?  Maybe she can keep it next to your balls, in that jewellery box by the bed.