Wednesday, December 30, 2020

A domme's a domme for a' that


Hmm?  You want to know what?  The ‘most domme thing I’ve ever done’?

Oh, I dunno.  The usual stuff, you know?  Whipping, ball-busting… humiliation scenes.  I mean, the first time you piss on a guy, for instance, you think, like ‘this is radical’ but then a bit later you just find yourself putting the kettle on an hour before a piss session without even really thinking about it.  It's just an extra cup of tea.

Or the first time you stub a cigarette out on someone – like I’m going to with this one.  He wasn't expecting that, actually – just watch him shit himself now!  But it’s just the job, really.

Oh – there was this one time!  I got some guy’s name wrong when setting up a session – it was one of those that can be spelt different ways, like ‘John’ with and without an ‘h’ right?  And he wrote this creepy email in sub-speak, you know the sort of thing: “Most imperious and perfect Mistress, although it is not the place of a mere slave to disagree with You, this worthless worm would humbly note’ – and all that.  Irregular capitalisation, even – I hate that.  So I just snapped off this dommy reply: “I am never wrong, so change your name by deed poll, slave!  I will not see you in session until I see proof you have done so.” 

Anyway… he did!  I'd forgotten all about it, but then a few weeks later he got in touch again and he'd uploaded these documents to prove it - you get an amendment to your birth certificate, apparently.  Showed some commitment, anyway – makes a change from slaves who want to spend hours cleaning your flat then get bored after five minutes and start whining to be spanked.  Changed his actual name, just like that.  He must have had to sort out bank accounts, passports, god knows what.

Funny thing, though: I never did session with him.  As it happens I was going through some changes in my life just then, wanted to cut down the number of slaves I was seeing, so I just started saying no to new ones.  He was quite persistent, now I come to think of it.  Had to block the annoying little bastard’s email address, in the end.

Hmm?  Oh I don’t remember.  John or Stephen or something like that.  You know – a name that can be spelt different ways?  That’s the point of the story, anyway - it doesn’t actually matter who he was, does it?

Right.  Time to put this cigarette out.  If you want to see something ‘domme’ watch this.  New experience for maggot here, though I've done it thousands of times.  He's been lying there all this time, shitting himself wondering how much it'll hurt.  Hurts like hell, actually - pretty hard-core stuff, but it's about time he had his limits stretched.  Fucking wimp.

Don’t you dare drop my fag packet, maggot!  Or break it by biting too hard.

Here we go.


The part of the domme in this little tale was played by Lady Sophia Black, undoubtedly one of the dommiest dommes it has ever been my extraordinarily good fortune to encounter.   She is beautiful, haughty, creative and - tragically - retired.






Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Despotic imagery

Wow.  My personal best is two and a half. Admittedly, I've only tried once.

Swings and roundabouts...

I expect there'll be laughter and tears as well, to come.

Technically speaking, he's actually the Right Honourable Pookie, QC.  But he doesn't stand on ceremony, as you can probably tell.*

She's always taken an interest in young, struggling actors.

* No, this is a different Pookie.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

So much Rule 18

 Rule 18, for those of you not familiar with this blog, advises dommes to "Try to avoid sessions with clients who have really specific fetishes and can't get off unless it is done exactly right."   Obviously, being directed at (or 'humbly proffered to') dommes, it is more what you'd call a 'guideline' than an actual rule*.  Nonetheless, it seems to me a useful principle and as I wank work my way around the Internet I am forcibly struck by how very often it is flouted**.

Consider the following, for example:


He's been banned from every Michelin dealership in Southern England.




They have to be mainly yellow, but not plain yellow.  Tricky, unless you know where to get them.  You've got to admit, though: done correctly, it's startlingly erotic.

"Where oh where can that naughty slave of mine have got to? Is he under this table?  No!  Is he hiding behind the ceramic pot?  No!  Hmmm... I can't seem to find him anywhere.  Heeheehee!  Wait...did I hear someone giggle?   I don't suppose he could be... inside the zebra, could he?  Could he? Yes!  Yes he could!"

That's a French ship of the line, probably a 74-gunner.  But the rigging's all wrong - a shame after she went to so much effort with everything else, but that's why we have Rule 18, right?

The worst of it is: this outfit is not the Rule 18 fetish.  It's what she has to wear to perform the Rule 18 fetish safely.  Not for the faint-hearted domme.***


Don't even ask.  Possibly the worst Rule 18 violation yet - that's all I'm saying.

* So why did I call it 'Rule 18' you might ask?  It's a good question and I will explain some time.****

** Yes: 'flouted' not 'flaunted', which would mean essentially the opposite in this context.  Editor Domme may be gone but standards must be maintained. 

*** I'll admit I haven't met many of those.  None at all, in fact.

**** Were you expecting a footnote referring to Pirates of the Caribbean, perhaps?

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Dressed to oppress


Pookie's thoughts are mostly elsewhere, to be honest.  Which is just as well, as her questions are rhetorical.


You could try telling her that even Leicester is a tropical paradise when lit up by her divine radiance...?

The first time's very special, isn't it?

He had an imaginary friend as a kid.  She used to beat the crap out of him too - maybe that's where he gets it from.

He has some pretty intense CP fantasies... I hope they've got the stomach and the stamina for it.

Just realised I actually did two captions of this lovely image of the lovely lady (Maya Sinn!) and Pookie (most probably someone with a name unlike 'Pookie', but you never know) so you might as well have both.



Friday, December 18, 2020

It's a sign of devotion

You made everybody else seem so tame.


After a lifetime with a full head of hair, it seems I am finally going bald.  Next Tuesday, apparently.  She's invited some friends around to watch.



I hope they play nicely.

A very important part of any session.

Speaking of devotion... this is Lady Sophia Black.

Actually, it is more accurate to describe Sissymaid Sylvia as 'gender uncertain' as its Mistress hasn't come to a final decision on the matter yet.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Sadistically significant

I rather think the romantic evening's just getting started, don't you?





Despite her attitude to sexists, she's a great believer in naval tradition.  'Rum, sodomy and the lash' and all that, although obviously today's navy is alcohol-free.



Perhaps Paul and Irene could discuss it later.



Possibly several things.  There's always something.

She looks nice. Just as well when you're that small and vulnerable.







Friday, December 11, 2020

Simply frightful!

More tales of female domination from a more elegant era.


Oh dear, how very tiresome.

And when you're competent at the basics, perhaps you could try your hand at felching?  I've heard it's simply divine.

Mind you, they say being married is an education in itself.

Erm... yes, I actually think I do.  Very much.

One must simply find amusement where one can, when spending time in the colonies.  Of course, it's important not to let standards slip - but I doubt Kitty has.