Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Why should it matter to us

if they don't approve?


Why not both?

Thinking about her being clammy makes me clammy...

If you're finding it difficult to relax, try explaining to her that you'd just rather she got a second opinion from a male dentist before drilling.  I'm sure she won't mind.

Obviously.  Although it looks like it's already got a lot of toppings, so maybe no need?

My SO sometimes forgets why she's doing things even after starting.  The other day, we were about ten minutes into a judicial caning when she paused and confessed shamefacedly that she'd forgotten entirely what I was being beaten for!  How we laughed.  Later that day she remembered, fortunately, and she took the trouble to sort it out properly.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Losing touch with reality



OK, Mr Jones, so you’re saying that rather than seeing me - a middle-aged medical professional - you’re seeing a young lady dressed like a strippagram nurse, wearing red thigh-high boots? And instead of being about to lie down on my couch for a series of ocular function tests, you’re going to be tightly strapped down to a hospital bed and masturbated to a series of forced orgasms?


How about now, if I stand up and move away from the couch – can you see me now?  Dark blue suit, short grey hair…?  What do you see?


ReallyOh dear.  Well, I might have looked a little like that thirty years ago… but only a  little.  And I don’t think I’ve ever worn a latex dress.

Things are worse than I thought, I’m afraid.  This is perhaps the most sustained and coherent set of hallucinations I’ve ever encountered from someone in your condition.  I’m sorry to have to tell you that without effective treatment, this is only going to get worse.  I’ll be completely honest with you: you could end up losing touch with reality completely… these hallucinations would become your world.  You’d obviously have to stay in a care facility… you’d be well fed and perfectly comfortable, but you’d have no interactions with the real world at all; everything you see and experience would be translated into these bizarre, fetishistic BDSM experiences.

Let’s delay the ocular tests for now – I want to tell you about an experimental treatment we can try.  It hasn’t completed all of its clinical trials yet, but initial indications are promising so it is available for use, if the patient requests it.  I’m not saying you should or that you shouldn’t.  But unless you want to spend the rest of your life like this, I think it’s the only option.  If it works, these hallucinations will end at once – for good.  That has to be worth a try, I’d have thought.  But it’ll be your choice. 

Tell you what: I’m going to refer you to one of my colleagues, Dr Stevens. She is the specialist on this and she can give you some literature about it and answer any questions you might have.

Oh – here she is now, actually.  Dr Stevens?


Poor chap.  I do hope they can cure him.