Monday, January 27, 2014

Turn, turn again

More Turning Points!  Captioned images of situations that aren't femdom.  Quite.  Yet.  And probably never will be, to be honest.

Anyway, some of you seem rather to like them.  Even if they leave us a little sad sometimes.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Taking her hand in marriage

If you're lucky. If you're unlucky, you might have to take the cane as well.

On we go.

I wonder if they have a 'bring your daughter to work' day, too?

Submissive porn search history
Best not to look nervous at this point.  Just relax. I'm sure she's very broadminded.

Last warning femdom
The only thing worse than being locked up in chastity is being in chastity and not locked up, I think you'll find.

Female led always
That's a relief.

Domination is a serious business
Don't even mention little blue men.  Unless you want Victoria to cane you.  Do you?  Oh...OK.  Well, go ahead then.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Erectile disfunction

I got an email about dealing with erectile disfunction.  I know they're probably just spam, but I like to think the best of people, and I was willing to give it a go.  At least it made a change from all those emails I get suggesting various ways of enhancing my penis size (sometimes I wish I'd never given my mother my email address, I really do).

Anyway, it said that lots of men experience periods of erectile disfunction, but if I wrote off describing the circumstances in which I.... err.. failed to rise to the occasion, as it were, world-famous doctors were waiting to advise me.

Well, as you can imagine, I was quite excited, and I wrote back at great length describing how I usually experience quite long periods of erectile disfunction shortly after annoying my Significant Other, for example by failing to iron her blouse properly, or over-cooking the pasta.  But that I also find it difficult to achieve an erection when she's just in a bad mood because she's busy at work, or its her time of the month, or something like that.  The email asked me to describe in detail the longest period of disfunction I'd had, so I sent them Time magazine's review of the year for 2013.

And they never replied!  I mean, can you believe it?  I sent email after email, and eventually I just received an automatic response informing me that the server in Nigeria where they were based was blocking my address.

Isn't the Internet a weird place, eh?  Oh well.  Here are some more pictures of pretty ladies looking threatening, so we can get sexually aroused by the thought of being punished and humiliated by them.  Good wholesome stuff.

Leather clad tart - or not
Beware of dominatrices with 'strong views'
Now I believe this is Mistress Annabelle.  But if it isn't, perhaps she or the lady it happens to be could, err, correct me.  Please?
I don't know who he is, I'm afraid.  Or if he's available for sessions.

Quick marital birching
Domestic bliss.

Sidonia spring
You think?
This of course is the wonderful and creative (and scary!) Mistress Sidonia, of the English Mansion.

Lucky little slave
It's ironic, really, as Alanis Morisette might say.
 More from the English Mansion.  And I think this is Mistress Jessica Wood.

Wedding punishment
Dear me, she seems a little fierce.  Most young brides wait until after the wedding before giving their husbands their first proper birching.  Still, maybe she'll become more tolerant and forgiving of her husband's faults when you're married.  Some brides do.  Many don't.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Tie me up, put me down

Lucky old bastard.
This image is from Femdom Planet.  Tall German dommes...and this bloke.

Stand by your man.

Looks like he did, too.  But I think he's going to sober up very fast when they get started.
NB: Contemplating the Divine does not endorse (or particularly enjoy) getting good and drunk before a BDSM session.  Contemplating the Divine just likes writing silly captions, that's all. 
It's not real oppression if you're forced to do it.  You have to beg to be allowed...

Actually, I'm experiencing some spike pain even looking at the picture.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Crawling to learn

Mistress dental care
Oh, we do.  We do.

Isn't this picture wonderful?

Women eh?  Can never make their minds up, silly things.

Not many calories in the dirt on the soles of her shoes, alas.

I can't stand those mens libbers with all their 'votes for men' nonsense.  We just shouldn't worry our ugly little heads about it, that's what I say. Ironing's more my thing.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Taking responsibility

Mr Carter?

Oh - you prefer "Billie"?  OK - hi Billie.

I don't know if you remember me?  I'm your anaesthetist.

Anaesthetist.  Do you know what an anaesthetist is?

No?  Well - do you remember before you went to sleep?  You were on a trolley, and you went off to surgery?  Big room... lots of medical equipment?

That's right!  I'm the one who talked to you just before you went to sleep!

'The pretty one'?  Oh, am I?  That's a nice thing to say!

Well, anyway, I just wanted to be the first to let you know, that there was a little bit of a problem, while you were asleep.  I did a silly thing.  I might have given you just a bit too much gas.  And of the wrong sort.  So -

No, not like the gas they put in balloons.  Well, maybe a bit like that, but -

No, you're not going to blow up like a balloon.  These were gases that affect your brain.


Yes, you do have a brain.  Everyone has a brain.  It's where you do your thinking!

Are you?  Thinking about me, and how pretty I am?  What - right now?  How sweet.  But don't touch yourself down there, Billie, OK?  It's not nice.

Anyway, you see, I gave you a bit too much of some of the gas.  And it's made your brain go a bit funny.  You're going to find thinking a bit harder from now on, that's all.

Well, yes, I suppose it is still easy to think about how pretty I am.  Aren't you sweet?  But do you remember what we said about not touching yourself down there?  Right.

Look, anyway, I've got a piece of paper here, you see?  It says 'waiver' on the top?

No, it's not for waving.  It's for signing.  You see?  There - where it says 'William Carter'.  That's where you sign your name. 

Yes, I know you can't remember how to sign.  But if you take the pen - no, other way round, that's right - and then put the pointy end onto the paper, there might be some residual autonomic motor functions, that -

Well, never mind what all that means, Billie, just SIGN THE FUCKING DOCUMENT!

That's good.  Very good.  Oh thank God for that.

Oh - don't cry.  I'm sorry I got cross, OK?

Let me just put this document somewhere very safe.

Listen, Billie, I think it's probably best if you don't go home on your own, OK?

Really?  Oh.  It's worse than I thought.  Yes, well if you can't remember where it is, I suppose it's even more important that you go and live somewhere else.

I was thinking... would you like to come and live with me?  And my friend Julie.  You could help clean up around the apartment, and maybe -

Is she as pretty as me?  Well, I suppose she is.  She's quite a lot taller than me... and very strong.  But she doesn't like men very much, so perhaps at first you should be a bit careful around her.

Billie!  What did we say about touching yourself down there?  If you do that again, I'll be really cross, and I'

What's that?  Don't mumble!

'Smack your bottom'?  Well, yes, I probably will smack your bottom.  So don't do it, OK?  Or I'll smack your bottom.  Really hard.

I think I'm going to get something to stop you touching it, unless I say so, all right?  That'll help a bit with Julie, too.

So - do you want to come and live with me and Julie?  That's great. In that case, you just need to sign another document -

- here -

oh clever you!  You remembered to use the pointy end!

 I think you'll be very happy living with us. As long as you do everything you're told, OK?  Or else, I'll have to -

- that's right!  Smack your bottom!  And -

err..., no Julie probably won't smack your bottom.  Well, I dunno, she might.  But she'd probably do something much worse.  Really, you do not want to annoy Julie.  OK?  She can get very cross, and I think she might hurt you if she does.

And Julie might be annoyed at first about you coming to live with us.  But I'll talk to her about it, OK?  It was my fault you got so much of the gas that stops you thinking, so I thought I should take responsibility. And if you stay in my apartment all the time, maybe no one will ask any questions about you either.  I think Julie will understand.

Hmm?  Well, I'm not surprised you don't understand.  Not after that dose.  It's surprising you have any functioning brain cells left.  (Sigh)  Well, don't worry.  I'm going to be doing all your thinking for you from now, OK?  You just have to do everything I say.

Right, come on then.  I think we can just go right away - my car's in the parking lot downstairs.

No, you don't need any special clothes.  Your gown's fine.

Oh yes, don't worry about that.  I'll say goodbye to the nurses for you, OK?  Actually, it's a bit of a secret you're coming to live with me!  Isn't that exciting?  Can you keep a secret?  Great.  Well, just don't say anything to anyone on the way out, OK?

Then once you're in my apartment, I'll make sure you can't accidentally wander off and get lost, OK?

I don't know - some sort of leash, I expect.

Come on. 

Welcome home, Billie

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Coming out

A lot of people live secret lives, hiding their true selves away, fearful of mocking and misunderstandings.  I've certainly done that for decades - decades too long, I would say.  Well, I've made a momentous decision for the new year.  I'm going to speak in public about what I truly feel in private. I'm going to  - not 'admit' because that implies wrongdoing - but celebrate my sexuality.  I'm going to share this first with you - the loyal readers of this blog.

Out loud and out proud.

Here we go...

(deep breath)

I, Servitor, have a sexual fetish.  I get sexually aroused by thoughts of sexually dominant women, controlling, punishing and humiliating me.  I am, in short, a sexual 'submissive'.

There.  That feels so much better!  No doubt I'll lose many readers of this blog, shocked at the nature of these revelations - but it's their loss and not mine.  I'd like to thank those readers broadminded enough to keep on reading.  You know my secret now - and that's a sacred trust.  I know I can rely on you, even though I have not the slightest idea who any of you are.

Masturbation glove lady - or not
Actually, I thought for a moment they were the punishment gloves.  Or the other punishment gloves.

It does seem rather odd that I (for example) am not allowed on the furniture but I do still get to choose the Government.

Puppy play
Puppy play!  In my youth I liked puppy play.  Sadly, now it's 'tired old dog being dragged around slowly on aching knees under threat of a whipping' play.

English governesses
Oh.  I think I have a lot of bad habits that I might need some help with, you know.

You know, there's really nothing like a chastity belt for putting ladies at their ease with you.  It takes away all that nonsense about being male, or a potential sexual partner, and allows you to just be yourself.