Friday, May 26, 2017

Delicately brutal


Don't worry - you can appeal and if your conviction is overturned, they'll have to pay compensation.

Mmmm... debt bondage.

It's good that couples can laugh about these things.

Art for art's sake.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Controlling passions

You can invest in ethical slaves too - taking the pay packets of men working in charity organisations and suchlike.  The returns aren't as high, obviously, but you know you're doing good whenever you whip extra performance out of them, not just doing well.

Self-respect is a delusion to which males are often prone.

She's going to want the mess cleaned up and taken away, too.  Let's hope she's remembered to bring a little bag this time.

I've heard that a lot of great writers had a habit of getting up early and putting in a good solid four hours writing.  Perhaps you could try that.


Probably facing rather a severe dressing down, by the look of it.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Strap, shackle and crop wakes me up every time.

...and don't forget to say a Hail Mary.  She's called Mary.

Very economical.

A good way for a sub to ensure he never says anything disrespectful is to cultivate a habit of only thinking devoutly respectful thoughts. It takes a lot of mental training, but it's worth it. For a quicker solution, the same effect can be achieved just by beating the crap out of him if he speaks out of turn, or keeping him permanentlty gagged, so most dommes just go with one of those.  And really, who are you to argue?

This is Divine Mistress Heather, seen from one of her many very lovely angles.

She has ideas about how to conduct their weekly performance reviews too.

It's a good thing neither of them's gay.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Violent sexual imagery

... and I just want to check none of you would be terribly offended by that?*

I think he might have forgotten, actually.  Hope they're not too upset.

I'd like to hear the good news, very, very slowly?

As submissive as she wants, in practice.

I don't know what I was thinking...

Men have too much stuff.  Most men do, anyway. I have an iron and a mop I'm very proud of... otherwise pretty minimalist.

* Warning: American or other readers familiar with Peter Capaldi only as the twelth doctor might find themselves disturbed by this. Possibly even 'extremely miffed'.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Another world is possible

Quite a few of you seem to have liked my posts featuring sneak previews of the Femsuprem candidate's successful election campaign in 2020.

I tried getting a few more through my handy fictitious time portal, but I'm afraid I must have done something truly male, because it started making horrible noises, turned sideways and then spat out an image and a pile of posters from a very different future indeed.  What can it all mean?

I suspect these particular female supremacists are not all that interested in elections.  Readers who prefer their femdom to be loving and maternal are advised to go and look at another blog for now.  

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Every lady shall be exalted

... and every husband and man shall be laid low.

You have to ask if you want the built-in sliding cucky drawer, though.  It costs extra.

Divorce can be painful.

My apologies to all of those submissive men out there who are highly skilled at housework, and don't just use it as an excuse to flounce around humiliatingly in a little maid's dress in session.  Sorry - I mean, both those submissive men...

Also quite a lot bigger.  They can still do SPH play, though. She's kept his original one in a jar.

Biting's not the worst of it. Bloody Rufus.  No friend of mine.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Dealing with electoral disfunction

I understand as well that we'll shortly be hearing the Court's views on whether mouthsoaping contravenes the 1st amendment.  Personally, I don't have an opinion on the subject.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Cold as ice cream but still as sweet the weekend mood and she's feeling proud.

Maybe when she's finished her croquet game.

I have a similar skill - I can usually tell within about 15 seconds of meeting a woman in  a public place whether she's dominant.  I'm not going to give away my secret, but it's to do with the way her shoes taste.

Do you suppose coming in your pants counts as contempt of court?

I could be a ball-boy...  It involves a lot of scurrying, I understand.  I'm good at scurrying.

The trouble with that Batman movie was that they just tried to do too much in one  movie.  They had Anne in a maid's outfit, in a cocktail dress and dressed like that, for goodness sake. That would surely have been enough to sustain a two-hour movie, without having male characters or a plotline or any of that nonsense. Why do modern movie-makers always cram so much in?