Friday, February 28, 2014

Divine retribution

Best to pretend you didn't overhear anything.  Just act normal...relaxed.

I think he's learning to be less of a dickhead.  But it's a slow process.

It's so rare to meet a woman who really understands...

And then you never need worry about getting lost, ever again. No matter where you are, she can always track you down.

Oh, women can be so silly.  Does she really think he'll have changed his mind, just because his wrists are shackled to that bar?  I think someone's going to be rather disappointed here!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The hard labour of love

Stupid slave tricks
I don't see why.  Sounds like a great deal to me.

Well slapped slave
That's thoughtful.  One of my former Significant Others was always very keen on symmetrical patterns of welts.  She'd take quite a long time adding a bit here, a bit there until it was right.

Mean Madame Sarka
Good.  It's about time those pampered slaves at OWK learned the meaning of hard work and discipline.
 This is - of course - the magnificent Madame Sarka, who will not be returning to OWK, but can be found here.

Scuff marks on his back
Yeah.  Women can be sensitive about these things.
Aren't the little heel-marks cute, by the way?

Apologies to for abusing two of their pictures this week (it's their own fault for making such a vast archive of video stills public!).  Of course, if they object in any way I will beg their forgiveness and take whatever consequences they mete out.  In the meantime, why not pay their website a visit? 

Nice to see boys getting a look-in, in this traditionally female occupation anyway.  I've always fancied being a booth-babe.  But it's hard to imagine a product that would actually sell any more if I did.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Oh sweet misery of life at last I've found you

Thoughtful domme
There now - you can't say she didn't consider it.


Femdom wife demands obedience
I believe she's right.

Cuckold femdom fantasy etc
It's good to be special.

Mistress stores slave away
Oh well, as long as she doesn't give a fuck, I suppose it's all right.

Yes Ma'am.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Consolation prize

Hi honey!  Did you sleep well?

Oh – don’t worry about that.  To tell the truth, I was quite relieved when you couldn’t get it up!  You know…I thought I should fuck you after you spent so much money, and all…but I didn’t really want to.  I mean - you're just not the type of man I find attractive.  I was just feeling sorry for you, really.

No, don't worry about it.  It's OK!  Really.  Happens to lots of men, especially if they're a bit self-conscious about not being handsome, or smart or fun to be with.    I know you’re inexperienced.  I guess it’s different with a real woman, huh?  I mean compared to looking at porn on the Internet?

Oh – sure you do.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of!  How else is a guy like you going to get himself off?  It must be really frustrating being rejected and ignored by women all the time.  I think it's great that there's some kind of outlet for men who aren't ever going to attract a real woman, so they can pretend they're just like everyone else.

Hmmm?  Again?  Oh.  Oh…well, honey, I think you’re really sweet, but I need a proper man.  You know?  Maybe we can just have this as a very special memory.

Sure – no problem.

Hey – would you like to take a picture of me?  Here, wearing my blue lingerie.  I can hold my hair up with my hands, if you like, like a model!

Got it?  There.  Now you can upload that onto your computer, and play with yourself while you look at it.  Pretending you’re in control.

If you share it online, maybe one of those porn blogs will put it up too…and caption it or something!  Then lots of lonely, pathetic men could masturbate to my image.  To forget how sad their lives are… just for a moment.


Yeah, it was a bit weird, actually.  I mean, I thought I’d enjoy it, but actually I found it kind-of disturbing, you know?
I hadn’t told him what was going to happen, of course, but he figured it out as soon as we got to the clinic, and he was panicking and trying to get away.  Honestly, if I hadn’t thought to have him on the leash, I think he really would have run out onto the street.  Fortunately, the nurses there are very good – I mean, they see this sort of thing a lot.  So they soon had him strapped down, but he was still screaming hysterically and pleading – all “Oh God, Mistress, please don’t do it, I’ll do anything!”  You know?
And then we had a long wait for the doctor to get round to him, and it’s amazing, he was shrieking and crying the whole time.  I had to step out and go for a little walk in the fresh air.  He’d calmed down a bit when I got back, but then the doctor arrived and started getting the knives out, you know, and it all started up again.  Honestly, I think he made more fuss while he was lying there waiting, then he did when she started cutting!  And you know what he’s like with pain.  Always has been – he screamed the place down on our wedding night.
Anyway, all done eventually.
I hope this one’ll be easier when I take him in.  I made him watch when I punished the other one for embarrassing me in front of the doctor like that.  So he should be more co-operative.
But we’ll find out tomorrow, I suppose.
Do you fancy a cup of tea?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Just another turning point...

Hi honey. So… are we just going to keep pretending, or are we going to talk about last night?

Yes.  Yes, I do think we need to talk about it.

OK, so shall I go first?

Well… we got into the bedroom… and you were all eager, as you usually are.  And then when we started to get serious it went all limp… same as usual too.  And – well, I’m sorry but maybe I’d had a bit too much to drink and I just lost it.

so…instead of saying it was OK and just quietly going to bed, I got mad.  And I shouted and screamed at you, about what a pathetic excuse for a man you were, and how your tiny little limp excuse for a dick made me just want to slap you around the face and make you cry like the little girl you are –
- and I’m sorry for saying those things honey, I really am.  It was just… well, once too often, you know? -

And I was just about to storm off to the spare bedroom… when I looked down and…

…well, there didn’t seem to be a problem any more, did there?  I’ve never seen you so hard. And I don't need to remind you what happened after that.

And that’s what I thought we should talk about.

So I have.

Your turn.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Hot flushes

I'm feeling them more and more often.

Female led relationship
Best not to rush into these discussions.  Give everyone a chance to calm down, to reflect on what was said and maybe even come to regret it?

Pink whips are cute!
With dignity. Always with dignity.

Glad we cleared that up.  I hate ambiguity.  Fortunately, so does she.

He'll apologise, too.

Don't know.  Don't care.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Abject bliss

Puppyplay financial domination
Puppywup gonna dieee-wie.
 This magnificant lady is of course from Planet Femdom.  The unimpressive boys were free gifts with her weekly magazine.

Birched male
Things always seem so simple after a birching, don't you agree?  Hmm?  Yes - thought you would.

Femdom surprise
Actually, grammatically speaking it is you who are surprised.  She is amazed, startled: something like that.

(Incidentally: little tip if you ever session with a pro-domme.  Very few of them - perhaps even none - really appreciate grammatical pedantry from their slaves.  Just something I've learned (or is learnt?) over the years.)
 This is the lovely - if rather sarcastic and humiliating - Selena.  If you want to worship her, go to  Simple.  Or wickedheartsboutique or somewhere like that, you know?  Yes - I'll bet you do.

Cruel girls
I expect the screaming will become rather irritating after a while.  Still, they could always turn the TV up.
  This picture will be from, I imagine.

Wedding cuckold oh dear
And if it doesn't get you stiff, she'll ask Manuel to stick around for a bit, and maybe the three of you could try something else.

(And this - finally - is the lovely but regretably only occasionally dominant Carla Brown.)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Her whim is my command

Of course, this blog is strongly opposed to real bullying.  Just keep it for play, in session, that's what I say.  Not that She ever listens, when I do.

It's odd the things women find sexy, isn't it?  For some it's chunky jumpers, for others it's brutal, relentless torture.  Mars, Venus, whatever - you know?

Opinionated husbands forbidden
That sounds fair.  I'm certainly not going to argue.

She deserves a night off, I reckon.  She can always pick it up wherever she left off, tomorrow morning.

femdom random clickbait caption here
It's not a good thing to go around with suspicious, negative thoughts about any relationship.  If you start thinking 'What if Mistress murders me?' each time, then you're just not going to enjoy the session, and who does it benefit anyway?  I mean, really?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Girls' night out

So, yeah, if you’re up for it we thought we’d meet up about 9.  Just you, me, Suzie, Ellie, Karen… Vanessa said she might come, but she wanted to bring her boyfriend and we really just wanted a girls night out.  So I told her it’s a ’no boys’ evening, and she said she’ll think about it.
Well…yes, OK, technically you’re a boy too.  But that’s OK – you don’t count.  I mean you’re not really a boy boy, are you?  Not like a boyfriend boy!  Wouldn’t that be ridiculous?
No, of course you can come.  None of the other girls will mind. They don't think of you in that way at all.
Hey, do you remember that time that guy tried to pick me up, and then he got all confused because he thought maybe you were with me?  God, I was just laughing too much to explain it – and he went off with his mates!  Such a shame – he was a real hunk.  Still, I think I managed to score a bit later didn’t I..?  Can’t remember his name – you know, they guy with the tattoo?  You drove us home.
Oh, that reminds me.  You don’t mind being the non-drinking driver again, do you?
Thanks, that's great.  We can go to that bar where they do the lemonade you really like. But we’ll have to be strict to keep to our ‘no boys’ rule, though!  There’s always loads of cute studs in there!
Brilliant.  Oh – and can you come round about 8.30?  I want to show you this new outfit I got.  You’ll love it!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Love not given lightly

Femdom hard limits
Now if it gets too much for you, just cry out at any time, OK?  She likes that.

Femdom clickbait goes here
Now that's the kind of expression I usually have, when I'm in session.  Sort of "oh shit".
This picture is from  You guessed, didn't you?
Carla Brown wedding
Well, I think she shouldn't have.  It's ridiculous.  I mean, the elevator guy only has to press a button.
 This is the delightful (sometimes too delightful - but I like to imagine her being mean) Carla Brown.  So I guess that makes you Mr Carla Brown.

Mean mistress
Oh - and it does count, even if your fingers are crossed.  So don't think you're getting away that easily, boy number 3.

Anne obsession
Yes.  Yes it will.