Monday, May 30, 2011

The sound of one hand clapping

...while the other holds you firmly across her lap, obviously.

Before we start with the captioned images of female domination, a big thank you to Bob (or possibly BOB), for all of the thoughtful, enthusiastic and just plain deviant comments he left over the last few days, on posts going right back to the start of the blog.  I'm not going to reply to each one, but I do really appreciate people leaving comments, particularly positive ones (from male readers - those whose genetics are not ruined by the presence of y-chromosomes are very welcome to leave contemptuous abuse).  Thanks Bob (or possibly BOB)!

Here we go then:

Femdom wife wont give you pocket money
There's something that doesn't seem quite fair about the prospect of displeasing her through 'getting whipped too hard'.

Two dominatrices and only one slave
Mistresses Sidonia and Darla, of course.  Extraordinary ladies.  And just little old you to keep them amused.  Good luck with that.

Lick it up and like it boy
Fortunately there's plenty.  If you don't get this, maybe you'll recognise the socks and underwear you've got to wash.

If shes not a femdom golfer she certainly should be
Just look at that expression.  Aren't you glad you're not Mark?

No, nor am I.  Lucky sod.

Whipped to please wifes lesbian lover
Well, she doesn't exactly say how many orgasms that was.  It might just be one. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Obedience is bliss

Willpower...I lack it, She has it in abundance.  There is a deal to be done here.

She makes the rules and enforces them too
He has so much to learn...

These boots were made for licking
I think it's the healthy outdoor air that's the main attraction.

A whipping from each guard and then another
Silly really, because he's paying a fortune to be there for the month - and there's such a long waiting list to get in.

What are you going to give her for her birthday?
I don't want to give the impression that anything too extreme is planned here.  It's just play.  Fantasy.  She would never really do it.  Not without your consent, anyway.  So just relax, and let her play.  And if she asks for consent, and you're not comfortable with the idea of being castrated at that time, you just say no.  OK?  And the next time she asks, well if you still don't want to. you can say no again. No problem.

So, the secretary messed up, but you're the one getting a spanking.  Is that fair?  I mean, just because they are the superior sex and we are insignificant maggots.  Honestly, it makes me so angry.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


A lovely word.  Seems a pity that the plural isn't '-tae' but who am I to argue? 

Anyway, if everyone's now comfortable with the grammar, we can put away our exercise books and contemplate the following divine inamoratas.

Secretary gives dictation and you have to take it
With apologies for returning to the grammar lesson, the feminine version of 'dictator' is presumably 'dictatrix', which is a word that I think should be used more often (mainly because it excites me).

Sexy dommes in unifrom with a slightly dodgy political subtext
Well, they're far from home, poor things.  It must be nice to find a friendly face, who can ask them about their day, instead of just screaming and begging for mercy.

Captioned image of female domination whose point escapes me for the moment
Dave is having a good hard think about his attitude too.

Caption femdom wife keeps her house clean with vigorous caning
I'd post a picture of the rest of the bathroom, but I thought you'd rather see her.  It's pretty good, though, believe me.  Four hours well spent.  Every Saturday for the rest of your life.


Captioned image of something thats probably copyright
Don't ask me, I just write them...

Oh, by the way.  If you're still reading this blog then you probably like captioned images of female domination that try to go a bit beyond the traditional "Im gonna fuck you in the ass youre my bitch" approach.  Or you just like the pictures (and I do try to keep the words out of the way of the good bits).  Whatever, if you do then you are almost certainly going to like this: Celibate Hubby 

At the time of blogging, the top one is actually one of mine (properly and kindly referenced, so that's fine) but hardly any of the rest are, and I think they're really good.  My own personal favourites?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  ThisThis.  Oh, definitely this. Mmmmm this.  And many more.

Go on, there's no more here today so you might as well head on over.

Friday, May 20, 2011

To err is male, to chastise divine

It's some more captioned images of female domination.  I really ought to write some more stories, but it's difficult with only one hand free.  Perhaps I need a strict schoolteacher standing over me...well of course I do.

Its not the crime its the cover up - well, its both really
Mistress Darla, of course, for whom the word "divine" is inadequate (a word that comes to mind often when I find myself contemplating her image).

Captioned image of huntress about to make a political point
The hounds haven't been fed, and he's going to be rubbed down with dog food first, so it should be a fine chase, while it lasts.

Captioned image of financial domination of a sort
I think it's a bit risky.  Start letting him choose the washing powder, and who knows what liberties he'll take?  One way or another, I'm pretty sure this will all end in tears.

OWK ladies generalkly dont have a high tolerance level for that sort of thing
At the moment this photo was taken, I believe he'd just heard himself utter the word, but wasn't sure whether her English was up to understanding it.  Rather a tense moment, as you can imagine.  Let's hope it turned out all right.

Dominatrix does not approve of men having opinions
My view on this picture is...well, irrelevant and unimportant I suppose.  Sorry - I'll be off now.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Faith, hope and chastity

...and the best of these is chastity. Here we go again:

Gets floors really clean just eight hours after going to work
Look at the shine on that floor!  It only took him eight hours, too.

One of numerous reasons for sissy slaves to bend over
Always read the label.  "Caution: contains pervert"

Minty fresh, with a slight hint of saliva
You can't see it in this still photo, but she doesn't even aim.  Just spits in his general direction and it's up to him to catch with the funnel.  He's quite good at it, now.

Men can make good pets - but keep them out of the office
At least she doesn't bring any of that smelly dogfood in.  Gives him a big bowlful before coming out, and that has to last him until the evening.

A lady A whip Whats left to say
Of course, she realises you have limits.  Every man has a point beyond which a beating becomes unendurable. She doesn't need to give you a safeword - she can just tell.  And that's when it really begins.

More of those alpha schoolgirls
I'm sure it'll be all right.  Just ask them calmly to step aside.  What could they do to you?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweet dreams are made of this

So who am I to disagree?

Be enslaved in those eyes
Its worth the pain, for the look.  Don't you think?

Captioned image POV and what a POV
But it was kind of her to let you plead and beg for so long.

I'd tell you what that is, but I'm afraid I haven't seen him for a while, so I just don't know.  Gentle sensuous massage, do you think?

You could try asking babelfish
Better do as she says, you know.

Up you go then
It's important to talk things through.  She can explain why she's so disappointed with you, and you can explain how very sorry you are. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Late submission

...and I apologise for how little homework I have been handing in lately.  The next couple of weeks should be a bit better...

Blonde dominatrix with nipple clamps - whats not to like?
Once again, I recommend the site named there.  She is simply stunning, and for once the voice matches the cold icy beauty.

Femdom caption in reclining elegance
What, you want her to do all the work?  Swing that whip, you lazy sod.

Mars and Venus, Venus and Mars, y'know?  You can't expect her to be interested in the things you're interested in all the time, OK?


The slaves went in for their caning two by two
The two times table actually goes up quite high, I understand.  Might be a good idea to bend over into those stocks.

Dominatrix wife sells hubbie into slavery goodness me how awful that would be
She didn't get much for him, but then with all his worldly wealth, she didn't really need it anyway, did she?

Slaveskin boots oh my
You can't tell, but the left boot is actually made from a different slave from the right one.  But you can see, they have been cured and polished to a perfectly matched finish.  Craftsmanship, that's what that is.

The man in the picture is going to become a red miniskirt, by the way. 

Something old something new and twelve strokes of the cane for disobedience
You know, it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the wedding. Especially when she's a pissed-off female supremacist.  Or is that good luck?

It takes rather a brave slave to forget Mistresses birthday
This is actually scarily autobiographical just at the moment.  How fast does Amazon deliver?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Delusions of adequacy

...but fortunately I have the privilege of an occasional visit to a Significant Other to cure me of any such mistaken ideas.  

A whip can concentrate the mind splendidly
Ooohhh...Errr.  Ending 9734...Mistress!  No, no!  Sorry. That's the old one.  Errr 8642!  Oh please Mistress, if I can only think for one minute....

Does anyone mind if I use the phrase 'whipped into shape'?
It's called the 'Fat disgusting pig' programme, if you want to look it up.

Strict instructions from your wife
Of course, your wife isn't completely beyond telephone contact.  But it's not worth disturbing her over a little thing like yours...sorry, I mean a little thing like this.

Coming out as straight
Still, maybe she'll stop hiding you in the cupboard when her boyfriend comes round, now.