Friday, March 29, 2013

Little things that make her laugh

Scenes from Servitor's so-called life (Part 1 of rather too many).

I have to say, it was very disappointing, on my first date with Alice, that she not only laughed at my manhood, she pulled out a ruler and insisted on measuring it, right then and there.  I just think that was a bit unnecessary, you know, especially on a first date like that.  And quite apart from the humiliation it caused me, I think it was pretty unfair to spoil the evening for all those other diners.  I still haven't been back to that restaurant.

Ah well.  On with more of this:

Lesbian femdom marriage ahhh
Ahhh.  Isn't that sweet?

Wife whips off the blues
Well, she doesn't always bother to tell him about it, not the detailed causes anyway.  She's just looking to share the pain, not for any suggestions he could come up with.  It's a Mars/Venus thing, you know?

Looking good mistress
Let's hope she doesn't go home with someone this time, as the nights can get pretty uncomfortable.  As long as no one at the club tries to pick her up, you should be all right, though.,


Mean girl femdom booo
My mother always used to say that, when I was growing up.  And when I discovered girls, in my teens, I understood what she meant.

Well, that's very kind of her, isn't it?  Very understanding.  Not like Alice.  Remember Alice?  It's a blog post about Alice...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hidden new post

Blogger took down one of my early postings, because of copyright violation, but as I don't know which picture was the naughty one, I've created a completely new posting with five new captioned errr...images of female domination (obviously).   I need a posting there, because this is the one all the search engines seem to find.

So - go here for today's indulgences.

Oh - and here's a pretty picture, so we still look good in links lists:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Divine retribution

Do not seek to question it.

It's funny how you sometimes feel let down after a birthday, don't you think?  As if there should have been more to it, somehow?  Oh well - there's always next year.  In you go.
Lesbian castration plans
Yes, let's get it sorted.

Spiked chastity belt
Still am, I'm afraid to say.  Ow!

Mistreated slave the lucky boy
And she's used to getting what she wants.

INtensive CBT sessions
Easy to confuse the two.  Wouldn't it be awful, though, if you visited a beautiful young professional lady for an intensive CBT session, then found yourself spending the next two hours putting positive feelings into practice?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Only barely on topic it doesn't count as 'found femdom', because there isn't really any femdom in it...

...but the new Wizard of Oz movie does have three delightfully forceful ladies in it, with some confusion about whether each is good or bad (best to be both at the same time, I have always thought, surely?).

Anyway, I think that Mila Kunis is remarkably beautiful.  See?
Now where have I seen that hat before?  Oh yes - it featured a lot in the early days of OWK.  Maybe the film studio bought it in the closing down sale.
Ms Kunis wears nice boots too, and runs very elegantly in them:
Hmm, but yes indeed, OWK did it first:
While her wicked - or possibly very good - sister Glinda, played by Michelle Williams, is (surely) the very image of the divine Ms Eleise de Lacy, from Femme Fatale films:

No, no, you have to look at her face to see the simila - oh, never mind, do what you like.
Don't you think?
Or have I just been perving around the Internet too much... seeing dommes everywhere (oh I wish I did)?
I thought of trying to find a lookalike for the third sister, Evanore, played by Rachel Weisz.  I mean, she's a little like the haughty (and sadly retired) Mistress Darla, or the clever and witty Ms Slide.
But then, looking like this, there's really no need for her to look like any specific domme, is there?


Friday, March 22, 2013

Office relationships are complicated

Oh!  Well, ermm… I mean I’m flattered obviously, but..
No, no, it’s not that I’m doing anything else, it's just that…
Well, as we’re going to be working together I took the liberty of looking you up on  And it –
- oh, it’s a sort of dating information site.  Women-only.  It’s very popular just now.  Most men are in it -
Anyway, I was looking you up on that and you're in the five inches or fewer category, you see, and I just think I like to have a slightly larger penis than yours, if you don’t mind.  You know – I mean I could live with six inches or even a bit less, but… 
Sure, no problem at all.  Nothing personal, I hope you weren’t offended?
Great.  Actually, I don’t think it would work out anyway.  I tend to like to go a few times, so I look for an average of at least three or more per night, and yours is only 0.6.  I guess it doesn’t always work?  I know there are some women who don’t mind that.  But I do.
Oh - and the thing you like to do with the sweaty trainers?  I’m afraid I’m just not into  -
Hmm?  Who?  Oh, someone called Cindy I think.  Probably not her real name.  Prostitutes rarely provide them.  It was only last Tuesday anyway, so you must remember –
Sure!  Sure, we’ll say no more about it.  See you in the team meeting tomorrow!  Have a good evening!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Despicable: capable of being despised.

Capable?  I pay for the privilege.  Hi - I'm Servitor!

Captioned images of female domination (what else?) follow.

Strict teacher silence
Ah, now, you can say what you like about Miss Taylor, but - oh, hang on.  No you can't.

OWK prison stay caption hello Google
The phrases "thank you mistress" and "piss off you evil cow" can sound very similar to the untrained ear, too, so do be careful.  Well worth studying before your visit, although if like me you do find yourself accidentally in for seven months hard labour, you'll probably pick a few words up.

Femdom wife wants politeness
Doesn't she look sweet?  I'm sure she hates having to do all those horrible things to you.

Consent in BDSM
I'm still quite sore from the last discussion we had to be honest.

Female supremacy politics
Oh no.  I hate political chat.  They're just going to sit around all night, discussing supremacist theory, local council elections, castration methods for rapists - that kind of thing. I'd go out and leave them to it, but I'm grounded for the next month. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

How much happiness does a marriage need anyway?

Goodness me, it seems that twenty-one secrets of a happy marriage are still not enough for some of you!  Frankly, if your marriages are that unhappy, ladies, have you considered drowning the obnoxious little git? And men - well, you can just drown yourselves, can't you?  Try not to make a mess.

Anyway, for those without access to conveniently uninhabited locations with deep water, here are yet another seven secrets for a happy marriage.

1.  If she wants to try something new in the bedroom, try to put up with it without complaining, even if it's not really your thing.


2.  If you unexpectedly find a sex toy in her drawer, just put it back the way you found it and don't mention it.  She's probably waiting for the right time to introduce it into your lovemaking.

3.  If she's really angry about something you've done, she probably won't mention it immediately.  She'll wait until she thinks the time and place are just right, so the two of you can discuss it properly.

4. Sometimes women won't directly say what it is they really want to try in your lovemaking... but they're sending out subliminal signals all the time, if you can only learn to tune into them!

5.  Many men dread those long moments of silence, when she's really annoyed and you're waiting for her to start talking about it.  But don't.  That silence helps.  It gives you both the time to think about what's happened - and what's going to happen now.  And then in a few moments, you can both devote yourselves to trying to make your relationship work better.  And that's something to look forward to.  Isn't it?

6.  Too many men rush straight for the flower stall when they know they have an upset wife.  Sure, all girls like to receive flowers from time to time, but if it's a substitute for understanding her anger, don't expect your two dozen long-stemmed roses to solve the problem.  You'll probably end up making things worse - especially for yourself.

7.  Mornings matter.  What's the first thing you do together each day?  Think about how you can use it to tell your husband what you think of him, especially after a night of lovemaking.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Working it out

Yes, what is it?  Well, I've got a little time.  This boy down here is being very slow.  Go ahead.
Oh yes.  I did say I’d allow you a reasonable number of orgasms, didn’t I?  That was part of the deal.
All right, so let’s work it out.  How old are you?

46?  Are you?  Silly old pervert.  It’s funny, isn’t it, cos I’m just 19, and here you are letting me take charge?  I wasn’t even born when you were my age now. 

Oh well, anyway.  So how long you’ve been masturbating?  Since you were thirteen?  Nasty little baby pervert, you were back then.  Weren’t you?
I asked you a question.

That’s right: you were a nasty little baby pervert.
And you’ll have had – what – six a week?  No?  Maybe five?  Oh dear, can’t you?  Blimey, not exactly god’s gift to women were you?  All right, call it four.

Well go on – work it out.

Still waiting!
33 times 52 times 4, yes.  Is…?

(Sigh)…yes, you can use paper and a pen.  No – hang on!  A pencil.  Off you go.
6864?  Are you sure?  Cos I’ll check on a calculator later.  And I’ll cane you the difference if you've got it wrong.

So…6864 sweaty nasty little orgasms, all on your own with a dirty magazine.  Yes?

Right.  Well that sounds like plenty to me.  I don’t think we need any more of those, do we?

I asked you a question.

That’s right: we don’t need any more of them.  So that's that.

You're going to have a lot of time on your hands, aren't you?  I think we'll have you write out some lines.  Like a naughty little schoolboy, caught playing with himself.  "Masturbation is a filthy habit and I am very grateful that my Lady has given me the opportunity to spend my time writing lines, instead of playing with myself."  Got it? One hundred times. 

So how long will that take you?

Oh, no.  I think it'll be longer than that.  A lot longer, I'd say. 

Well yes, obviously it's 100 lines per wank.  You need to be punished for each, don't you? 

I asked you a - that's better.

Of you go, then.  Get yourself some paper and get on with it.  Plenty to do.

Tell you what, when I’m 46 I might let you have a celebratory wank, OK?  If you remind me.  And if you can still get it up when you're 70.

Or I might not.  I'll have to think about it. Plenty of time.

(The Lady in the picture, by the way, is Lady Sophia Black and she is just as beautiful as these pictures suggest and twice as creative and evil as the little story above pretends.  She is, in short, wonderful.)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Come closer honey that's better...

A favourite line... She presents a gardening programme on BBC nowadays.  Strange but true.

OK, now more of this:

OWK pony playtime
She has a great sense of humour, Mdame Sarka.  I've commented ont his before, I think.

Cheerleader humiliation yum
Actually, Brad'll be spanking you anyway, as part of the performance.  But there's time enough to find that out later, when you're in your cute little outfit.

Forced bi eventually
Edward certainly is, after all.

Heels and palms
The stigmata help you contemplate the divine.

Medical femdom gone mad
Of copurse, it's not quite at the same time.  I think the castration's first.  So if you really hate it - don't worry. A bit later on, maybe you'll be losing those bits of your brain that hold the memories.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Love and marriage

Oh yes, I’d forgotten you haven’t been here since I had that put in.  Don’t you recognise it?  It’s George – you know, my husband!  Well, what’s left of him.

Oh yes, he’s still my husband.  We’re just waiting for the divorce papers to come through.  That’s why I had him fixed there, to remind me.
It is clever, isn’t it?  Yes, they were able to amputate the arms and legs all the way up to the joints.  Because I was afraid that they’d leave little stumps or something, and he’d be able to waggle them a bit.  Wouldn’t that be disgusting?  But no, they’ve done it very neatly.  Just a torso.  Perfect.

No, he can’t move his neck either.  The doctors attached a steel bar running right down his spine, you see, and it goes all the way into his skull.  He can’t move nod or turn his head at all – not even a millimetre.  And his jaw’s wired up, of course.  Sorry about the silly little grin, but they needed to keep it a little open, for feeding purposes.  But they removed his teeth and his tongue, of course.  And his vocal chords.
Hmmm?  Oh trust you to notice that!  Yes, I did decide to leave them on.  Of course, I was really tempted to have him castrated – they even said I could do it myself.  But I thought it might be more fun if they were still there, you know?  I do enjoy playing with them, after all.  It’s amazing how well they’ve lasted really, after all I’ve done to them.  They can take a lot more punishment than you think, actually.  I’ve even set them on fire a few times, but there are still some nerve endings left.  Look – I’ll show you.  There!  See how his breathing gets much faster when I push this pin into it?  And then if I wiggle it about I – yes, you see?  Plenty of nerve endings still.

Oh yes, I don’t think I’ll keep him much after the divorce papers come through. Should be any day now.  And then maybe I’ll just stop feeding and watering him – and put him outside by the trash.  Unless you’d like to…?  No?  I just thought I’d offer, seeing as the two of you were an item back in college, that’s all.  No problem: I’ll deal with it.

Yes, he can still use his eyes.  Apart from his lungs, I suppose they're the only other muscles he can still move.  See – look at how he’s watching us?  Oh – isn’t that sweet?  He’s crying.  He seemed to have stopped doing that a few weeks back, but maybe seeing you reminds him of his old life or something.  Maybe he thinks you’ll save him?  Hard to know what he’s thinking really.  But I do like him still to be able to see me, so I know he’s thinking about what I’m doing to him.  I’ll probably put them out before I finally get rid of him, of course.

Oh clever you!  No, I suppose he doesn’t need both eyes.  I hadn’t thought of that!  Why don’t we do one of them right now?  I don’t suppose you have a cigarette on you, do you?  You do?  Oh wonderful – that’ll be perfect.  I gave up just over a year ago, you know.  But maybe I could…I mean just one wouldn’t hurt, would it?  And then maybe we could both stub them out at the same time.  Shall we do the right or the left, do you think?

Mmmm….  Oh god, this is wonderful.  I’d forgotten how much I loved smoking.  You shouldn’t have let me have it, you naughty girl!  Oh never mind, though.  Mmmm….lovely.  Well, when I finish this one, I’ll stub it out, and that’ll be that.
I think the left one…don’t you?
It’s funny, you know.  He always disapproved of my smoking.  He was so pleased when I gave up.  Said watching me stub the last one out was the best day of his life.  Didn’t you, darling?  Well, you’ll certainly be watching very closely when I stub this one out. Very closely indeed...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beneath her gaze's where I like to be.

(I've made a small change to the blog, making it wider (less blank space on the left, more room for larger pictures. It works on my computer and on IE, but let me know if it doesn't work for you.  I've made the pictures larger in a few of the posts below, and of course for all future ones, but I'm not going to go back over older posts, so in some of them the pictures look a bit small and lonely.  Still, you can't have everything, as I am reminded on a daily basis.)

Dont pout for your domina
So, now you know.  Don't pout after a beating.  Oh - and no smug little smiles either, you know how she hates that.  Just try to keep those rules in mind.

Humbler than ever
As if it wasn't already embarassing enough being the only man at a lesbian wedding.

Fedom snuff oh dearie me
Try to think calm thoughts.  Getting all panicky and upset at the thought of imminent brain damage or death just doesn't help anyone, OK?

Femdom carpet beater too
Actually, she's going to hang it from the same rack as the tawse, the paddle and the cane anyway, so there's a bit of a clue right there.

Dommes day out
Of course, the dogs are trained just to restrain the quarry, not to hurt him.  They seize his trouser legs hard, and they hold on until the ladies arrive at the scene.  Only then - and only when given the word - will they go for his throat. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Something for the ladies

You know, the other day my Significant Other was looking at this blog, and she told me she thought it was sexist!  Can you imagine?  She was quite cross about it too.  Well, of course, as soon as I recovered consciousness I started thinking about what she'd said, and - y'know - she's right. 

Well, of course she's always right, but on this occasion she's particularly right, if you see what I mean.  I do tend to feature pictures of lovely, elegant, usually quite young ladies, and they're often rather lightly clothed or wearing outfits that could be considered to be designed to appeal to the male fetishist.  And this might contribute to the wholly unwarranted impression that the world of Internet femdom is geared mainly towards male fantasies.

Now of course we know that's not true, but it occurred to me - almost immediately after my SO ordered me to do it - that I should have a ladies' day on this blog.  You know - feature some of those sexy hunks who appear in the photoshoots, so there's something for female readers to get hot to, as well?  Just to show that there's no sexual discrimination here (beyond the rather fundamental principle behind this blog that women are superior and males should be slaves, of course).  Boys can be sexy too!

So - ladies - just for you, we present, the boys of femdom!  Enjoy.

(There are ladies present in some scenes, I'll admit, but they're really just framing the Adonises who are the subject - or should that be 'objects'? - of today's show).

It's the 'come hither' pose that does it for me.  I would.

From one of my favourite photoshoots.  I think they make a lovely couple.

Now this should give pause to those who would so casually accuse femdom porn shoots of being all about male fantasies.  In this shot, the men are obviously the ones who are the sex objects, because they're the ones who are naked. And very sexy too - especially if you're turned on by partial baldness, as this lady presumably is.


...and it looks like he's about to satisfy her wildest desires for a 'naughty patient' session.  Yummm.  She is actually a nurse - that's why she's dressed like that.


I expect they'll be fighting over who gets to take him to bed.  Maybe they could take turns.  Again, notice that he's the one showing all the flesh - the saucy little tease!


Ah...the Other World Kingdom.  I don't think there's another site like it on the Internet, if you have a "Fat balding German businessman" fetish.  Well, OK, maybe there are one or two...



Hard to believe, but I understand this guy is actually an amateur, not a "pro-sub" charging a fortune from well-appointed chambers in Mayfair, to satisfy the sexual needs of female dominant clients like her.  He's missing out on a lot of money, there...

Now she's a lucky lady!


Built for ironing.


While she obviously likes them in larger sizes!  That's a bit like the better-known "BBW" fetish but the acronym's never really taken off, because it comes out as "BUM".


That moustache!  And the seventies had been over for years at the time.
Ah yes, the seventies.  Now this guy knows how to fill out a rubber vest!
(PS - Any boys who are actually offended - as opposed to beingly squirmingly, deliciously humiliated - by being featured here, just let me know, and I'll take the picture down.  I don't want to be cruel to anyone... quite the opposite, actually.  And really, now I come to think of it, your picture shouldn't have been there anyway.  Because you looked lovely.  Really.  Very sexy. Mmmm)