Friday, May 28, 2021


Which rule?  Rule 18, of course.  Which states - as I'm sure you know - that dommes should "Try to avoid sessions with clients who have really specific fetishes and can't get off unless it is done exactly right."

Alas, unlike my own SO's ninety-seven House Rules, which are quite strictly observed and still more strictly enforced, I encounter* examples of rulebreaking daily for this one.

So... yeah, here are some more.

Notice the thick socks inside the fur boots.  Socks are often a giveaway of a Rule 18 violation in progress.  Not if the socks are smelly from exercise and being used to wipe the face of a humiliation slut, though... that's just good healthy femdom play.

Orca play.

Actually, this one started when his domme turned up one day and said "I'm afraid my leather jacket is being cleaned - will this do?"  And he never looked back.

It's not just the use of the domestic flamethrower that makes this a Rule 18 violation... it's the flying golden penis to the left of the flowers that are being torched and it's the Shredded Wheat package.  Oh... the Shredded Wheat package.  "Can't get off unless it is done exactly right."?  One day, she didn't have any and used Weetabix instead... nearly lost a client.

Not quite sure whether this one belongs here or in my series on femdom scenes being played out with heavy industrial machinery... but it definitely needed wider circulation.  By the way, those knees: do you think she originally had it installed for a slave who was just a little shorter?

She's supposed to beat his 'snake' with a shillelagh, while commanding it to leave Ireland.  Or something.

OK, this whole video (and, as far as I can tell, much of the careers of the two lovelies featured here) is basically just one long Rule 18 violation.  If you're into latex-clad pretty ladies cooking and eating men dressed as broccoli in order to get rid of bags under their eyes... well, I guess this is the video you've been waiting for your entire life.  If not, you might like it anyway.  I did, actually.  In fact I just watched it again. My eyes hurt... but in a good way.


Oh look, I embedded it.  I particularly like the way they look cross so often.  I love it when pretty women look cross.

* Did you notice the way I managed not to write 'I come across' there?  See, I'm dealing with my addictions.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Governing bodies


Everyone feels a bit uncomfortable, on their first day in the torture room.

Really?  Oh... that would be just awful!





Don't tell her she's not doing it right - it works for her, OK?

Language barriers can be overcome, with good will on both sides - or failing that, one side holding a whip and not giving a shit about what the other side might actually be saying.

His musical tastes are more Bruce Springsteen than Ariana Grande.  He did tell them that, but then he also told them his session tastes were more towards sensual domination than frequent, brutal electric shocks to the balls... so it looks like they didn't pay a lot of attention.


Friday, May 21, 2021

Striking poses

As my SO points out: lots of women enjoy sex with their husbands, she prefers sex without her husband.  The difference is only a few letters but it's a big deal for her, so who am I to argue?


Mmmm ... a severe scolding, Mistress?



It's going to be a special day for her boyfriends too.  And their mates.



Of course the OWK had safewords really.  In a variety of quite widely-spoken Central European languages, so there was really no excuse for 'guests' not knowing how to pronounce them perfectly.

Her kink is not your kink - are you going to make a selfish fuss?

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Harsh words

Freud once said a cigar is sometimes just a cigar.  Similarly, bath brushes can be used for scrubbing backs, hairbrushes for brushing hair, anal hooks for, erm... well, anyway, the point is: not everything's BDSM, all the time, you know?  Sadly.



Don't worry - the course of justice is not being perverted.  His Lordship was probably going to cut the trial short anyway, as he has so much homework to do.



You might as well consent: it's going to happen anyway, so why not make it all nice and legal?  Well... it probably won't be 'nice' as such, but you know what I mean.





Acting the part here, entirely out of character, is the wonderful Miss Amy Hunter, who once spent a couple of hours giving Servitor a very hard time with a tawse, then made it all all right again with a lovely hug.


Can't be too careful.  The nice thing about having spares, is that she doesn't have to go easy.


Friday, May 14, 2021



You'll find her arguments compelling, I guarantee it.






I know that some subs who are subject to strict speech rules rather resent them, but personally I really can't complain.




That Clause 17(b) is a tricky one, particularly as it is written in an obscure regional dialect of Czech.  But it's very useful.



And if you want something to take your mind off the pain, try letting yourself be overwhelmed by the frustration of a lifetime in chastity.  See - it's a kind of virtuous circle.

Or higher.  Whatever.


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Slavish desires


Don't worry too much about it: I've often noticed the women in my life using 'if' when they really mean 'when'.  'If' I decide to punish you... if I bring a guy home... if you fuck this up again... and so on.



They should be more charitable towards her, even if she does have some odd ideas.  After all, she's a grieving widow, the poor thing.


It was maybe considering a little pleading whimper, but it won't even try, now.


Medical researchers have made huge strides in pain management in recent years, as her husband will soon discover.

Abandoned gimps seem to be everywhere these days, it's a modern plague.  Fortunately, very few people care.


Friday, May 7, 2021

Secure relationships

Of course, as Governess Harding herself likes to emphasise (and she really can be remarkably emphatic), the support she provides for married couples can't replace the work the couples themselves need to do, to put her principles into practice in their day to day lives.  But she can provide a solid foundation of terror, on which a lasting relationship can be built.

Many teenage boys just think they can masturbate as often as they like and it doesn't matter - but really, they're just storing up problems for themselves, if they ever get into a properly-managed romantic relationship.

If he finds it any consolation, the things they will be doing to him will indeed bring sexual pleasure to both of them at the same time.

The number's important, because obviously the 'U' will change to a 'C' at some point and any staff member can access the records and alter the 'R' to an 'E' should she feel it appropriate to do so.

I use names, though, including the awesome and glorious name Eleise de Lacy.*  It's an honour to do so.

Original here.  I've heard that Doktor Soos is considered politically incorrect these days.  I hope this goes some way to redressing the balance.  This too.

* Even though I am not quite sure how to pronounce it. Eleeza or El-eye-ssa?

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Play-related stress


Don't worry, sissy, you won't have to stay there the whole day.  Just most of the day.



Oh dear, I can never think of what to wish for in these situations...  I suppose there's always 'world peace'.




Her rod and staff... that's the rod, you're going to be be her staff.

I'm sure it'll be a memorable honeymoon - but then, aren't all honeymoons memorable, albeit in different ways?


More femdom stuff that's out there and not much remarked upon: this talented chap (I'm assuming 'chap') draws things that are rather lovely if you're into giantess fetish and possibly even if you are not.  He also reposts some vintage stuff which is reminiscent of the elegant and delightful Gibson Girls.