Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The weakness in me

If only you could afford her.

The claustrophobes are the easiest to deal with.  They just go in the box: no need for spiders, snakes or anything.

Who needs a fetish club when you can get what you need at home?

Vows.  That's what's next.  Lots of vows.

People are her greatest assets.

Friday, July 27, 2018

What a scorcher!

Hot hot hot!  As this blog always is, of course.

I just put up a proper post with captions (look down - no not down there, that's disgusting how dare you?, I mean further down the blog, pervert... that's right). 

Anyway, though, go ahead and read that as it's a good one with lovely ladies in it but I just wanted to put up an extra post about the extraordinary hot weather here in Europe!  No doubt, there will be dommes reading this blog who are anxious about their subs' health in such sweltering conditions (and some who couldn't give a toss about the little bastards, obviously), so here are a few of Servitor's tips for these blazing hot days.

Now this adult baby's going to have lovely cool legs, especially since Mistress hot-waxed away all that unsightly hair!  And that outfit's going to keep the rest of him all snug - in fact, clever Mistress stuffed all the hair she'd stripped off his legs into it, so all is neat and tidy in the nursery. Clever Mistress!

This AB, on the other hand, has been wrapped up completely in thick waterproof padding. Now I expect you're thinking: goodness, that's going to be ever so hot. I expect the poor thing will be sweating like a pig in there! Imagine all that sweat building up and dripping down and pooling beneath him - it's going to be unbearable, surely, on a day like today?  But don't worry about a thing: I checked with his Mistress and She said She doesn't find it 'unbearable' at all, actually She rather enjoys it.  So that's all right.

This sissy seems to think she can just laze around in her comfy padded bag all day!  I think Mistress might have a thing or two to say about that!  OK to enjoy the summer day, sissy, but come 7pm we're pulling you out for there for eight hours of chores!

Speaking of chores, this maid looks ready for anything, doesn't she?  That outfit she's wearing is thick plastic, while underneath it she's got her favourite set of frillies, including no fewer than four petticoats!  So it's heavy and unpleasant, which is just right for keeping a maid in her place, while maintaining an entirely waterproof seal, so none of that dreadful sweat gets out to form unsightly puddles on the floor!  Stylish and practical!

And these ladies have found a lovely place for their sub to enjoy the sunshine.  Light panties actually don't trap much heat, do they? And there can't be more than a couple of hundred in there at most. He'll be fine. Anyway, I understand they're planning to add some liquid on top of him, before putting the lid on and taping it down.  Yeah.. he'll be fine.

I mean, at least all he's got to do is sit in the panties, right?  Imagine if you had to go off to a hot laundry room, put them all in the washer and the hot dryer, then spend hours slaving away with a hot iron making them all neat and crisp and wrinkle free.  At least he doesn't have to -    Oh, what's that?  He does?  OK.  Well, I expect he has a sissy maid housework fetish too.

And not just babies and maids either - the more 'masculine' subs can have a lot of fun in the sun too. It's just perfect for gimp-play.  Look at this chap: settling in for a long afternoon under the patio, while his Mistress enjoys a lovely cool drink with Her friends above. You might worry that he's going to be begging and pleading to be released to cool down, in all that thick plastic but don't worry - see the gag?  No complaints are going to be coming from this source.  And it's a tube gag too, so Mistress can make sure he drinks plenty of liquids.  Perfect!
The hose is there to cool him down when the heat gets really oppressive.  But if it never quite gets as oppressive as Her, it's staying off.  Fingers crossed, gimp!

And speaking of gimps, this Mistress has given almost the entire stable of subs a day just to enjoy the sun in Her garden.  Mmm... you can almost smell the hot rubber just looking at them, can't you?  And for those of you who think subs should just be working all the time - just chill, OK? If Mistress lets you, that is. It's summer, so why shouldn't She just take a day to let them laze it away under the sun? Anyway, they're all paying by the hour.

Finally, this lucky sub is discovering why it's very rare to find beachwear made of duct tape.  Frankly, it doesn't really permit the cooling circulation of air.  That's why thoughtful Mistress has left a bit of his body exposed as a kind of heat exchanger, a bit like the radiator inside the meltingly-hot computer you're currently wanking in front of.  All he has to do to keep cool is to make sure enough blood is pumped into the exposed part of his body.  But not so much blood that it forces him up against the spiked tube that Mistress is about to put on him.  Although that will help him cool down too, come to think of it!  Anyway, I'm sure he'll work something out.  He's not going to be doing anything else this weekend, after all.

Sometimes it's hard

...but most of the time it's soft, all safe and sound locked away in its little tube.

Women, eh?  Can't do anything for themselves!

Erm... actually, that is fully erect.  Ma'am.

It must be tedious being so perfect and wonderful.

Yet another time-saving app. Do we ever stop to wonder what we're going to do with all of the time we're saving, hmm?  I mean, for me it'll mostly be ironing and scrubbing floors but not everyone has the external motivation I'm lucky enough to receive.

Playful execution is essentially the theme of her whole oeuvre, if you know what I mean.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Merciless heavens

But don't forget your manners: introduce her to your workmates too, as otherwise they'll feel awkward.

Don't worry, she'll give you something later to wash away the nasty taste.

Better than those guys who accidentally press the button when the camera's pointing downward and take pictures of their dicks.

Never liked blindfolds or hoods... this is why.

Not too big, not too small.

Sunday, July 22, 2018


Oh my god.  Oh my god – little Bobby Jenkins, as I live and breathe!  “Sinatra55” is Bobby Jenkins!  Wow.  Who'd have guessed!

Well, "Sinatra55",as you can see: “Sultry Suzie” from Elegant Escorts is none other than Clarice Hoskins. From class of 2012. Surprise!  How about that, huh? 

Wow.  Just wow.  After all these years.

Hey, I guess I haven’t seen you since that night I met you outside the cinema, huh?  And listen, I’ve thought about that night a lot, OK? That letter you pressed into my hand?  I’m sorry I didn’t reply, but I did read it.  I read it a few times, actually, and I tried to write a reply – oh, must have been 15… 20 times? But I just couldn’t find the words – you were the first boy who ever told me he loved me, you know?  And there’ve only been one or two since – none of them wrote me a letter like that.  Beautiful.  And I wanted to tell you how good it made me feel but also somehow tell you you just weren’t my type, not in that way, and when I thought about how you’d feel when you read that I’d just start crying, so… I could never finish the reply.  You know how teenagers are.

Yeah.  I guess we all have to grow up, huh?

The escort thing?  Oh yeah, been doing that a few years now.  I mostly just keep it to oral, you know, like you booked? But once you’re with a client, you pretty much have to do what they want, so I’ve done a few things.  But I don’t mind.

Look, I’ve got to keep 20% back for the agency, OK? But I can just refund the rest of your fee.  No problem.  It happens from time to time.  Maybe we could just go for a drink – I mean, we’ve got a couple of hours.

What do you mean why do you get a refund?  You get a refund because we’re not going to fuck, Bobby, yeah?  If I know one thing, it’s that the Bobby Jenkins who wrote Clarice that beautiful letter wouldn’t want to pay her to kneel down in front of him for a meaningless, anonymous blow job.  So – no problem. The agency will just credit your card.  They won’t ask any questions.

No, really.  It's sweet of you, but I don't really need the money just now. I've had a busy week already - I only toook this on because one of the other girls had to go visit her Mom. You keep your money - buy yourself something special, OK?

No. I wouldn't hear of it.  There - I've texted the agency to do the refund.  End of discussion. 

So – how about you, huh? What are you doing with yourself?  Guess you must be doing pretty well to afford someone like me, huh?  What is it – hedge fund? You were always good at math.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Soft power

Of course, an average can be brought down quite a lot by just one bad review.  Especially if that's from the only date you've ever been on.

Mmm.... looks like you just became a premium product!  Something to be proud of.

She wasn't a huge success as a nurse, to be honest, especially when she did a stint learning how to administer pain relief, which turned out just not to be her thing.

Obviously successfully navigated that tricky moment towards the end of the date, when she eases her shoes off, settles back and you have to decide whether it's appropriate to ask whether you can masturbate while kneeling in front of her and sniffing her feet.

I expect he's forgotten all about that time you ate his dogfood too.  I mean, that was Mistress's fault really, but he wasn't to know that.