Saturday, June 10, 2023

Go away

This blog has moved to All the content has been copied across, and this blog will no longer be updated.  See you there, I hope.


Friday, June 9, 2023

Savage beauties

This blog has moved to (and this post has appeared there as well). This is the last substantive post on this blog, so I suggest you go to the new site and update bookmarks to point there.


She thinks that there are always other credit cards.  And she's right, of course, there are. They don't all belong to the same male but that doesn't matter.



Many married couples never discuss money, but in the best-run marriages it's discussed once and that's that.


Kafka-trapping, eh?  Curiously enough, George has always fantasised about this. I hope he enjoys the real thing just as much.


If she dreads it that much, why not just decide not to make him wear the No. 5s?  Women are hard to understand sometimes.



Almost all the guys she fucks are insensitive brutes, so she needs someone in her life who cares about her feelings.  Let's hope he learns a bit of empathy.


Tuesday, June 6, 2023

As the world turns

This blog has moved to (and this post has appeared there as well). I will soon stop updating this blog, so I suggest you go to the new site and update bookmarks to point there.


 ...turning points!  That's all.

Friday, June 2, 2023

Meet the new blog

Same as the old blog - or it would be if I can get the formatting right. Except no one has to sign in!


I have uploaded this entire blog, going all the way back to 2011 and the first ever post (which carried the startlingly erotic title 'Why are we here?' - a question not yet answered, I'll admit).

Anyway, the format isn't quite right (and the formats of some of the imported posts from this Blogger version are particularly horrible) but I think it works well enough to go live and become the main blog.  So, go there not here.

Why are you still here?  The naughty pictures of stern-looking ladies are somewhere else now.

I think everything moved across... comments too, I am very glad to say.

Let me have any comments, especially anything that looks weird (apart from the stuff that's supposed to look weird, like Rule 18) or doesn't work. I might run the two in parallel for a bit but that's hard work, and like most males I'm quite lazy, so I'll probably just post there from now unless there's some problem. I'll put up a post just noting more straightforwardly that this blog has moved, in a few days' time.

See you there!


Whipping posts

Also, she finds the whole idea of 'going easy' a bit uncomfortable.  Dommes have their hard limits too, you know.



And there's so much space for them too.

An EU delegation once visited to check that the OWK itself conformed to the relevant safety standards. I understand the ladies achieved a perfect score, in not conforming to a single one, but it is hard to say for sure as neither the report nor the delegation were ever released.

As my SO likes to point out: she is being merciful.  A fact for which I am truly grateful.

Dommes can be a bit highly-strung. It's probably the uncomfortable clothing.

 This is the magnificently magnificent Gigi Allens.  Who also makes vanilla porn movies - which is a sad waste of a powerful talent, but at least shows us what we are all missing and always shall.