Friday, June 2, 2023

Whipping posts

Also, she finds the whole idea of 'going easy' a bit uncomfortable.  Dommes have their hard limits too, you know.



And there's so much space for them too.

An EU delegation once visited to check that the OWK itself conformed to the relevant safety standards. I understand the ladies achieved a perfect score, in not conforming to a single one, but it is hard to say for sure as neither the report nor the delegation were ever released.

As my SO likes to point out: she is being merciful.  A fact for which I am truly grateful.

Dommes can be a bit highly-strung. It's probably the uncomfortable clothing.

 This is the magnificently magnificent Gigi Allens.  Who also makes vanilla porn movies - which is a sad waste of a powerful talent, but at least shows us what we are all missing and always shall.


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