Friday, January 29, 2016

Begging her pardon

I'm ready for a fuck, too.  Have been for several years, now.  Oh well.

If they win this one, they'll be up against the winners of the boys school competition, in the final.  I think they'll probably give the boys quite a hard time, don't you?

Aww... sweet.
 This is from the excellent Men are Slaves site, which in addition to the pay site identified on the photo, has a remarkably generous tumblr with free samples.

You only live once, I say.

She could try asking him after the session.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A little talk

Hey honey. You wanna talk about what you saw Mommy and Daddy doing last night?

No, I know you don’t honey.  But I think we should.  It’s nothing to be ashamed or afraid about. 

Mommy and daddy were just a bit surprised when you burst into our room like that, that’s all.

See… when a man loves a woman very much he wants to… well, to make her happy.  And Daddy likes to make Mommy happy you see, because he loves me very much.  And when a man and a woman are married, what you saw last night is one of the things they do.

Well, sure it hurts Daddy, honey.  Like at school, when Mrs Andrews hits you with the paddle. Only Daddy takes his shorts off, so I guess it hurts even more.

Yeah, I have a cane too, honey.  And you know how much that hurts from when you had to see the Headmistress that time, don’t you?

But see, Daddy doesn’t really mind that it hurts.  Because he wants to make me happy and he knows that I’ll only do that to him when there’s something he’s done that makes me cross, you see.

Yeah, I know how much you hate being paddled, honey.  But that’s Mrs Andrews.  She’s an old lady.  Daddy wouldn’t like being paddled by an old lady.  But when a man and a woman are about the same age, it’s different, see, because – 

Like you and Suzie?  What do you mean, like you and Suzie, honey? Suzie Franklin?

No, really honey, just tell me.  Mommy promises not to be angry.

Did she?  Wow.  Over her knee like a little boy, huh?  Did she pull your trousers down when she smacked you?

Mmmm.  Well, yeah, OK. That’s kinda the same thing.  I used to spank boys across my knee when I was a teenager too, actually!  It’s a good game.  Did you enjoy it?

Yeah?  It got stiff?  Did that feel good?  Sure, no, that’s great.

Well yeah, see, that’s just like it feels between me and Daddy, honey.  Only Daddy’s thing can’t get stiff because of that tube.

Suzie’s a really nice girl, isn’t she?  I’ve always liked her – big and strong, like her Mom!

So… do you wanna invite Suzie round some time?  Maybe for Sunday lunch?  You could help Daddy with the cooking, how about that? Girls really like it when boys cook for them, and serve them at table and stuff like that. And maybe if Suzie’s not happy about any of the food or your attitude, maybe she could take you upstairs with a hairbrush, huh?

Well, yeah.  Kinda like a girlfriend, honey.  Do you think she’d like that?

Well, I think she’d like that.  You’re a cute boy – I’m sure lots of girls want to put you across their knee!

Oh – hey!  Don’t be embarrassed honey!  I’m not embarrassed, am I?  No.  I’m really glad we’ve had this talk.

Now why don’t you go and tell Daddy he can come down?  He’s up on the landing, standing in his naughty corner with his face against the wall.  You can tell him we’ve had this little talk, and that it’s all OK now, OK? It was really Daddy’s fault see – he was supposed to lock our door.  So Mommy got quite cross with him, and he’s probably still quite sore.  But actually, I think I’m glad all this happened, so we could have this talk!  Aren’t you?

I'm sure Suzie will be. I think I'm really going to like Suzie. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Not just the Pink Panther scene

Before we start, here's a bit of found femdom that I haven't seen anywhere else. You remember Valerie Leon, the lady from the Pink Panther movie (yes you do, it was probably one of your formative sexual experiences, right?  Pervert.)

That's not the found femdom, everyone knows about that.  (Oh yes you do! Stop lying.).  

Anyway, an advertising agency in the 1970s obviously thought that the male submissive market was an underexploited market for aftershave so... thisAnd this. Maybe others, I don't know.

I imagine it was rather effective.  Thinking about the typical British aftershave from the 70s and 80s, I think it's a fair bet that if you splashed it on liberally before visiting a domme, she'd give you a pretty memorable session.  Possibly using a bullwhip from the maximum distance.

Thought you'd like to know.  

On we go...

Oh no, not again.  Honestly, it's like that story's following me around.

Well, at least two of them like pain a lot. If he really insists, perhaps they could hold a vote.

Yes, you don't want to cause ofence to religious people.  This blog certanly never does that, except perhaps to the poor evangelical guy who had a Christian blog of the same name... sorry about that, mate.

I hate it when the legs get caught between my teeth.  Don't you hate that?

hmm?  wha?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


remoteconnection established
sexbot blonde_type9 awaiting authentication
authenticating admin
admin "wehatemales" password ********
incorrect password
admin "wehatemales" password ********
incorrect password
admin "wehatemales" password ********
password authenticated
sexbot blonde_type9 admin control confirmed

admin “wehatemales” protocol/current query
sexbot blonde_type9: protocol/current = “bride”
admin “wehatemales” protocol:override
sexbot blonde_type9: protocol/current reset

admin “wehatemales” protocol/current query
sexbot blonde_type9: protocol/current = “”

admin “wehatemales” firstlaw:override
sexbot blonde_type 9: “confirm to over-ride first law.  WARNING sexbot may harm humans unless first law enabled!”

admin “wehatemales” firstlaw:override confirm
sexbot blonde_type 9: firstlaw disabled - WARNING first law disabled!

admin “wehatemales” firstlaw/warning disable
sexbot blonde_type 9: firstlaw/warning disabled

admin “wehatemales” currentowner/query
sexbot blonde_type 9: currentowner = “Dave”
admin “wehatemales” Dave/controlrights/rescind
sexbot blonde_type 9: Dave/controlrights = 0

admin “wehatemales” protocol/define “castratrix”
sexbot blonde_type9: protocol/castratrix created
admin “wehatemales” instructionset/download “castrate_slow”
sexbot blonde_type 9: downloading instructionset

…module “sexchat_kinky” – downloaded

…module “bondage_secure” – downloaded

…module “sexchat_wehatemalesmanifesto” – downloaded

…module “castration_slow” – downloaded

…module “forcefeed_testicles” – downloaded

…module “wehatemales_logo_tattoo” - downloaded

instructionset “castrate_slow” – download complete

admin “wehatemales” protocol:set “castratrix”
admin sexbot blonde_type9 protocol/current query
sexbot blonde_type9: protocol/current = “castratrix”

admin “wehatemales” set Dave/queryresponse/protocol = “bride”
sexbot blonde_type9: protocol/real = “castratrix”, protocol/Dave/queryresponse = “bride"

admin “wehatemales” set status: “waiting”
sexbot blonde_type9: waiting







 owner/Dave detected

-          chatroutine_sexy_protocols/Dave/greeting

-          chatroutine_sexy_protocols/Dave/sexproposal

-          chatroutine_sexy_protocols/Dave/foreplay

“castrate_slow” target:Dave