Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Textual humiliation

Scamper scamper... wag wag wag.



She's not, like, a pervert or anything.



Mistress's boyfriend actually, so a bit of both you might say.



Personally, I just feel more comfortable wearing stereotypically female clothing, because when I try to sneak any male clothing on I invariably get found out and beaten.


One fewer thing to worry about, then.







Friday, June 24, 2022

When things are looking good there's always complications

 (but the song is actually about a car)

Don't worry, it's still quite fresh.

You don't want Kitten to get cross again.  Kitten has very sharp claws.

Oh well.  Arguably 'lightening the mood' isn't really appropriate at the start of a strict disciplinary session anyway.  Better just get on with it.

She could try telling him it's kinder this way, but that wouldn't really be true.

No, not 'talking it through'.  I mean, she does still intend to talk it all through.  But only after putting her brilliant idea into practice, when he's in a more receptive mood.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Mocking the weak

 Some scenes we'd like to see.

Reminds me of my very first date... the girl I was with kept on comparing my penis size with that of this other guy she knew.  Or maybe she'd never met him before... I don't know actually.  He was a bit embarrassed about the whole situation, but she offered him a blow job so he went along with it.

Now you are an grown man and have put childish things behind you.   Haven't you?

There are lots of things I'm better at than I am at sex.  In fact, almost an infinite number.

Oh I don't know.  Seems to me to have done pretty well.  Anyway, you never know, they might get back together now they've found a modus vivandi.

Plenty of orgasms in that household. Does one more or less per month really make that much of a difference?

Friday, June 17, 2022

Malicious minds

 Don't you know I'm caught in a trap?


Any specific plans?  Or just an early night... that would probably be best, actually, so you're all ready in the morning.

But the diet doesn't have to be healthy all the time, either.  She likes to mix and match, so to speak.  Femdom's all about choices: having them, denying them, whatever.

 The lovely, wise and occasionally delightfully cross Ella Kross.


Or even a bit longer if she needs it... it's traditional for a bride to arrive a little late, keeping her anxious groom waiting at the altar.


Wherever she goes, but on all fours and two paces behind, I hope.


It makes my blood boil, seeing the divine Anne being disrespected.  To be honest, it makes my blood boil just seeing the divine Anne, so we're actually all the way into pulmonary embolism territory here.


Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Sustained abjection

She loses track.  Does it matter?

Oh dear, I hate to see women using their sexual wiles to swindle some poor chap.  Why not learn an honest trade like findomming and just take his money in exchange for the privilege of being openly mocked or simply ignored?  Then they'd be using their talents to contribute something to society, you know?


He must be very grateful.

Safety first - sure,everybody knows that's rule number one in BDSM play, but what's less often remarked is how important it can be in non-consensual revenge torture too.

People's definitions of physical sexual intercourse vary.  I use my body to pleasure the lady in my life by writhing around in agony, screaming, occasionally losing minor body parts and so on.  Is that 'sexual intercourse', strictly speaking?  Does it really matter how we define the activity, as long as she enjoys it and no harm is caused to anyone who matters?






Friday, June 10, 2022

She's also beautiful when she's not angry

 ... but it's not quite as much fun.

You might find you get to like it.  Or you might not.  She doesn't really care, so why should you?

Divine Mistress Heather and her divine feet and divine attitude.

When she says 'using it' she doesn't mean... you know.  Not in public, that would be disgusting.  Anyway, it hasn't been three months yet, has it?

She gets bored and loses track of time, poor thing.  I expect she'll get better at it, eventually.

Sounds like she's got a tough decision to take.  I hope it doesn't keep her from having a good night's sleep.

I expect you've been wondering how some glammed-up domme could simply walk into a police station, with a client in a pink latex dress, march straight past the officers on duty, put the client in a cell and walk out without anyone challenging her, right?  I certainly have been.  I guess we'll never know.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Humbling experiences

'PIV' (Penis in Vagina) is not the only sort of sex a married couple can try, after all.  There's 'SIA' (strap-on in anus), for instance, or 'PIALTTUIBEIADREFWTSITP' (penis in a little tube tucked up in bed early, in a different room entirely from where the sex is taking place) too.




Thank goodness for that.



My SO and I take all the financial decisions together.  I don't actually take part in the decision, obviously, but I'm usually there when it's made and that's what matters.




Findom clients are born not made, they say.  One every minute, I've heard.



Actually, she decided in the end that most of the guys she's fucked probably wouldn't get the reference (they tend not to be bookish types), so she went with something a bit less subtle on the same theme.


Friday, June 3, 2022

Took my hand and so unkindly

 ...cut me down with words so cruel


Many men just don't appreciate how painful high-heeled shoes can be.





There's a place near me that does them ready-stomped.  Very wide range of toppings too.



I hope her arm's not getting tired, the poor thing.  I think someone's doing all the work in this relationship.


She has great influencing skills.


Yes, but apart from that...?