Friday, October 22, 2021

Stern words

One of the nice things about being submissive is that you're rarely in any doubt about whether your partner's in the mood for sex, or precisely what she wants to do (and indeed, with whom).





She was kind enough to give him a long warm-up before the painful bit, so I hope he'll be brave.  If not, the shackles attaching him to the cross can be brave for him.

I believe some of the wedding guests have sprayed the van with silly string and attached tin cans and all sorts of other stuff to the back of it.  You won't actually see it, from inside the sack, of course, but it's nice to know these traditions are being maintained.

Marriage guidance counsellors recommend the anal hook - it's amazing how much easier those petty marital disagreements go, once you're dangling.



Oh no - not the comfy chair!






Tuesday, October 19, 2021

A total portrait with no omissions

 The divine Ms Harry, for contemplation and worship.

Sometimes she's in the mood for screaming and frantic pleading but right now she's trying to enjoy her book, so just keep it down, hmm?

She can show you both heaven and hell - as, to be fair, can the priest but in a very different way.

See?  Cruella's not all about bleak post-industrial settings.  This photo-shoot's in a bleak pre-industrial setting and a refreshing change it is too.

Don't you just hate being the third one on a date?  I do - but she doesn't seem to care.

Go on - not many kinksters get to live out their fantasies in reality.

Mine's 'maggot', by a curious coincidence.  But can readers of this blog keep that to themselves, please?  You can't be too careful these days.  Fortunately my SO is the only one who knows the really important passwords, like the one for our bank account.  I wonder what these two need yours for? Still... best not to argue.

Friday, October 15, 2021

It started with a slap


Damn.  Maybe she gets more practice than you do... but then life doesn't always have to be fair.




Bad in a good way, I hope.  And good in a bad one.





I think it's great when wives respect their husbands enough to want to talk things through and hear their opinions, before taking important decisions.


They say being able to make women laugh is a great gift.

That's another admirable characteristic in a partner: not being afraid to tackle the really painful stuff in the relationship.



Tuesday, October 12, 2021


Especially for all those readers who've been clamouring for captions of femdom in realistic, domestic settings - another post featuring fairytales and magic.  What can I say... if you're not into being treated with contempt, don't read the blog, yeah?

Story of my life... I start chatting to a pretty young lady and it's going well, then up comes some handsome stud and I just get crushed underfoot and my sticky, bloody remains fed to the pigeons.  Happens. Every. Single. Time.

It's lucky the castle has facilities to contain a wild beast securely.  In fact, I've heard it has capacity for several, so you'll be perfectly safe.

She's not good at small-talk, but I'm sure that when she meets the Prince that won't be an obstacle to their romance blossoming.

Occasionally you'll spend an hour or so being only eight inches long - tall, I mean.  But you need to practice holding your breath before she'll try that.

Don't worry, she'll look after you.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

The very lazy OWKerpillar

 In a cold prison cell, an OWK slave shivered on the floor.

One Sunday morning, the Ladies arrived slap! - out of his cell he went to be dressed as a very lazy caterpillar.

They started to give him orders.


On Monday, they made him crawl the length the corridor from one end of the Queen's Castle to the other ten times, kicking him to help him along.  But he was still lazy.



On Tuesday they beat him to make him wriggle to the top of the hill twenty times.  But he was still lazy.

On Wednesday, they made him flop his way around the mud on the edge of the pond thirty times, pushing his head down into the mud beneath their boots each time he came past.  But he was still lazy.


On Thursday, they held a contest in which he had to compete against other human caterpillars in races, boot-licking contests, testicle-tug-of-wars and 'most pitiful begging' competitions.  The losers each got forty strokes of the cane.  The winner also got forty strokes of the cane.  But he was still lazy.



On Friday, they suspended him from a tree, with weights clipped to his nipples and genitals and swung him around and around with punches and kicks, until he had come up with fifty amusingly shameful names for a human caterpillar.  But he was still lazy.

On Saturday, they just lost it.  They strung him up by his ankles, whipped away what was left of his caterpillar costume with a cat o'nine tales then each took a bullwhip and went for him, flogging methodically up and down his body while he screamed for mercy, then they used a cattle prod on his genitals, kicked him in the face, pushed pins through his foreskin and scrotum, then dragged him back to his cell, pissed on him and left him there, weeping and moaning in pain.  That evening, he regretted coming to OWK more than he had ever regretted anything in his life.


On Sunday, he lay alone, cold and hungry in his cell.

Now he remembered he wasn't a human caterpillar but a successful businessman called Christoph.  Outside, he had money, houses and cars - he dressed in fine clothes, not rags and tatters; he ate at Michelin-starred restaurants, rather than gulping slops off a concrete floor and no one hit him, put clamps on his flesh or trod on his face.  He resolved to tell these crazy Czech Ladies he had had enough and he would rather cancel the second week of his 'punishment stay'.  They could keep the fucking money - he wanted out.

So later that day, when they came to open his cell, he looked up, smiled confidently, started to speak and...

They hit him in the face, shoved a ball-gag into his gaping mouth, pulled a leash tight around his bollocks and dragged him off to the Courtyard, to carry bricks from one side to the other in the rain.

He was a stupid, useless male object.

I thought we should finish with a happy picture: well done Madame Christine!

Friday, October 8, 2021

Tearful conversations

Anybody else want to negotiate?




It's recreational for her, anyway - although there's a serious element to it too. 



I wonder what the OWK Ladies would have done, had the wall not come down in 1989 and no Velvet Revolution occurred?  Oh, they're so talented I am sure they have found some kind of niche within the totalitarian system where their skills could be useful, but it would have been very different.

Just try to think unsexy thoughts while they do it.  Reading this blog should give you some ideas.

Once again, I do have a bit of a gripe here.  I mean, sometimes it's "I want the truth and I'm going to keep on increasing the voltage until I get it' and next it's 'Keep your nasty little opinions to yourself.'  It just doesn't always seem entirely fair, is all I'm saying, but I suppose it's best not to complain.


Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Romantic disdain

Women... sometimes they want you to scream hysterically, cry and beg for mercy, sometimes it's just 'annoying'.  My SO gave me 24 hard strokes with the cane yesterday and when I started shrieking and pleading frantically (on or maybe just before stroke number two, if I recall correctly) she told me she was 'just not in the mood'.  I mean, at that point I was committed, you know?  It's a physical thing for us guys... can't just switch it off.

The frightening - truly terrifying - thing about assisting with any kind of competitive sport in OWK is that one of the Ladies has to lose.  They often don't take it with good grace, you know.

Needless to say, inflicting this sort of public BDSM play on passing strangers is not OK.  And even worse when it's in front of members of your family, as here.

The customer is always right.




The gimp hoods are going on in the later, private ceremony.  When you and flappy-ears take your real vows.



Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Lady drivers


What sixth sense is it that tells me that when Cindy finally gets the rock of her dreams, she's going to want it put right back where it came from?




It's her way of coping with grief.  Don't worry, she got plenty of cock on the second night of her marriage, though.




You know you're going to be in good hands.



He was right about one thing: one minute did indeed turn out to be more than was really needed.



If you're wondering how she intends to tackle the awesome responsibility of deciding who stays and who ends up in the bin-liner, she - oh, she already decided apparently.  But I'm sure she gave it a lot of thought - you know, just very quickly.


Friday, September 24, 2021

Equal rights for men

Some people have misunderstood my position on rights for men, so I am happy to set the record straight.  I believe all men deserve to be treated in exactly the same way.  All of my writings here demonstrate that same commitment, I think you'll find.

He's going to be changing his name, of course, as a married man.  She just hasn't yet decided what to change it to, that's all.

Yup... I can hardly wait!  And yet I do.

The branding incident was a bit unfortunate - just goes to show the dangers of handling red-hot iron carelessly - but thankfully no one important was hurt.

See what I mean about equal rights?  Free healthcare, right here.  Males get free education too - lots of it.

Don't worry: she won't tell anyone where you are.