Friday, April 29, 2022

Tie me up tie me Downton

Yes, yet more of what has consistently been one of my least popular series of captions : Downton Domination!  I've done loads of these so I'm not about to stop any time soon.  Sorry (not sorry).


Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Maleness, managed

Some might say it's not quite summer yet, so it's a bit early to be putting him outside for the night, but she says the fresh air's good for him.

It's the extras that really define how well a marriage will work.  This one looks strong.

Har de har har.  Sorry about that.




Always a bit embarrassing to meet an old flame, but she's making the effort so you should too.


You know, her relationship with Raoul would probably break down completely if you weren't around.  Well done you.









Friday, April 22, 2022

Misfortunate males

Oh dear, not again.  You'd think she'd have learnt to be more careful by now.



My SO promised me, when she brought out my first little maid's dress that if it ever became too humiliating, I could take it off.  So far, apparently it never has - in fact, she generally thinks it's not humiliating enough - so we've not really tested that, but it's good to know.  Safeguards are important.


Respect is very important in a marriage.

Young people in love can be so romantic... let's hope he gets out of their way quickly.

This humble slave once assumed 'supplication position #3' to ask its revered and powerful Mistress whether She would gracefully consent to granting Her humble slave the precious gift of a high-protocol BDSM relationship, but she just told it to fuck off and stop being so irritating.







Tuesday, April 19, 2022

It's good to be the Queen

Nice of her to ask, but she really needn't have.



Don't judge her, OK?  Let her judge you.




Every hour is devotional time, surely?



Technically, it works just as well when he's not conscious, obviously, but she finds it harder to get motivated.




Poor things, I hope they're not too cold.  Thank goodness they have coats, anyway.



Sunday, April 17, 2022

All authority in Heaven and Earth has been given to her

 Extra Easter post!  Yay.... Only one actually Easter-themed, but that's probably just as well, really.


Could maybe try a bit of both?  Make him eat a chocolate egg or two, while he's suspended by his aching wrists?  Meet halfway, in a spirit of compromise inspired by the season.  All that chocolate might help him work up even more of a thirst for the sponge of vinegar she'll be raising to his parched lips after he's been hanging there for a few hours.

Yeah, don't dwell on how things might have gone differently in the past.  Much better to think about the future and... mmm, OK, maybe better not to think too hard about the future, actually.

Naughty nursie's getting a pay rise.  Several pay rises.

Just a normal day, like any other - normal from now on, anyway.

I suppose so.  Maybe.  It depends on the context, you know?  I don't think there are any absolute ethical boundaries here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Angels and devils

My SO hates being accused of cruelty - she'd rather be thanked for it.


Maybe Susie will call you - you know, to even the score?


It's odd seeing your own cock, scaled up by 300%.  Odder still to feel it.




Honestly, does it really matter?  I mean, the script doesn't specify exactly what it is, so it's hardly going to affect the finished production.

 The lovely ladies of Cruella, of course.  Enjoying the balmy English summertime, there.


The needle looks a little scary, but really don't worry: it's nothing compared to the other stuff that's planned.


Friday, April 8, 2022

Severe sentences

Oh well.  No harm done, I expect.  Anyway, everyone makes an occasional mistake.




My SO has always been faithful.  Oh, she may have oral, vaginal and anal sex - sometimes even at the same time - with a great many men and women, but she locked my cock into my little tube on our wedding day and that's still the only cock she's ever locked up.  It's special to her, she says, like my virginity.




Sure, she'd love to hear about that.  Maybe even roleplay it, hmm?  She can be the client and he the server.  He should try to make an effort, though: there's a lot of boys interested in this job and to make it as fair as possible, she's interviewing all of those who passed the photo test.  He needs to show her he's willing to go that extra mile, giving it 110%.




And anyway, she's quite sexually adventurous: she won't just be using the cattle prod on your penis; there are so many other parts of the body that deserve some attention too.


Looks like you're going to be feeling her pain.  And a great deal more that's all your own.


Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Forceful females, meek males

Oh dear.  You had one job... Well, OK, you had several jobs if you count all the chores and you even had two jobs at a time during the spit-roasting bit but you know what I mean.

It's their 'rattan' anniversary.

Maybe she should.  I hope she makes her mind up quickly rather than dithering about it... odd, because she's usually very decisive.


The extra said yes - well, of course he did - but sadly the scene was cut from the movie.  He has developed quite a successful career though and has now had several minor speaking roles.  He was "Squeaky-voiced guy in elevator" in one of the recent Marvel movies, for instance.




It's the way she tells them.





Friday, April 1, 2022

Lashing out

In case you're wondering, I'm not doing April Fool's Day stuff.  I have before.  

One year I warned people in advance that the blog was going to feature occasional fem-sub content, then came up with this.  And then a year later, ran a feature on those mis-understood (and modest and humble) members of our BDSM community: male doms.  Believe me, Contemplating the Divine going M/f is about as likely as the Catholic Church embracing Wicca or a video found on Pornhub being, y'know, any good.

Then another year I did this, which was a bit rubbish but had lots of lovely pictures.

But not this year.  No, really.  This isn't some kind of self-referential 'tell them there's no April Fool joke but then there is' thing.  Sorry.  Just the usual crap.


So much hell to dish out, so little time.  People think the life of an OWK Lady is all lazing around eating peeled grapes, but really it's all go, all the time.



You want know what I think? I think these are very good ideas and she's right about this, as she is about everything.  That's what I think and I'm determined not to think anything else.



The food's not as good as at a traditional British boarding school, but other than that the lifestyle's pretty similar, I understand.


That's her sweet 'girl next door' look.  She has some very scared (and lucky) neighbours.

This is the sweet and vanilla Melisande Sin, to be found in a few places in Poland (which Russia would be well advised not to invade because (a) NATO and (b) her).

Still, at least she remembered your anniversary this time.