Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Scream nicely, and she might

Oh... and there's a little extra at the bottom of today's post.  Just a little something.

femdom proper whipping
A day to remember... and then a day you will try desperately to forget.

Crying submissive
It's not as if your parents haven't seen you cry before, anyway.

Alpha female pilot
I think it's every boy's dream.  To grow up to do the laundry for a real fighter pilot...

Anonymous proxy domme
Well...someone who hasn't paid, for a start.

Upholstering fetish
Gone but not forgotten.

Extra extra!

Now, for those of you who have been sufficently dedicated to 'read' down this far, a little treat.  Here's a site I discovered yesterday and I can't understand why I have never come across it (fnar fnar) before,  It's British, brutal and - well, like Cruella, really.  And I do.  Like Cruella, I mean.

Pay site, and the preview pics are a bit small, but there are over 100 decent-quality (very short!) preview vids to watch.

I think it's great.  I don't normally post links - I leave that to the mighty Paltego - but this site just doesn't seem sufficiently well known.

Obviously, I don't have any connection with this site.  I don't have any connection with anything, really. 

Here are a few of the (too small!) preview photos:

Off you go, now.  Don't keep the Warden waiting.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Take my hand, take my whole life too

...because who cares what 'wise men say' anyway?

All the other men are spanked
You'll have to ask them when you next see them.  Of course, that'll have to be when you're no longer grounded.

No faeword no problem
What's the worst that can happen?

Secret chastity
They don't know yet, anyway.

Relax!  She's a professional, OK?


Friday, November 23, 2012

One step beyond

Last orgasm blues
No use crying over spilt

Shitty start to the day
It's the perfect end to an evening, after a night out and a curry.

Non-smoking fetish
Oh look - she hasn't got an ashtray!  What to do...?

Perfect honeymoon
And every anniversary too.

Girls just wanna
Try thinking of her needs for a change.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pervertual reality

Welcome to my world.

Literally femdom
You need to be careful about that.  Dommes can be rather literal-minded.  I told my Significant Other that my heart belonged to her, and it took quite a while (and a lot of cash) to persuade her that it was best to leave it inside me for a while.

Telephone domme
Sometimes, one partner in the relationship has to take the first step, and really try something new, y'know?

Dominatrix in a bad mood
Come to think of it, it was nothing.  Forget it.

Never again chastity boy
It's just not fair on her, the way it is, do you see?  Having to say no every month - it just makes her the bad guy.  Come on - give a little, here.

Ball-busting literally again
See?  Didn't I tell you?  If you don't want them to take your requests literally, just don't ask.  Now look what you made her do.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Caned to...

(So many possibilities)

...amuse her friend? him do a better job of the ironing?
...the sound of The Best of Abba, Vol 2?
...try out a new stroke?
...the sound of girlish laughter?

You decide (if You're of the superior sex, obviously).

On with the show:

Femdom continuous caning
No rush.  Take your time.  She can even leave you there all night, if you like, and finish off tomorrow.

Sexy double date
Well, obviously if you're going out to dinner, you'll be swallowing.  Really - this doesn't sound so bad at all, does it?

Humiliated just by being there
I used to pay for humiliation sessions, but now what I do instead is just ask ladies I fancy whether they'd like to go out for a drink with me.  It's a lot cheaper.

Female supremacy date
Whatever you say, I think she's going to suggest you wear something a bit skimpier, you know.

I'm sure you can think of a good reason between now and tomorrow's appointment at the clinic.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

and yes I said yes I will Yes.

Todays theme is love.

But then, it always is.

Keira cuckold

Castration non fantasy
That was kind, don't you think?  Changing her plans like that, just for you.

Spent my life explorin the subtle whorin
The customer is always right.

Slave talking
Number 17.

Soft power... stronger than diamond.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Try to see it Her way

Femdom bride of course
Quite a moment here, in your marriage.  Because it's the last time you'll hear "fetch the canvas bag" without experiencing that stab of fear.

Domme hunt
Nothing wrong with a healthy day's sport.  Really, they're just helping Nature to keep the numbers down.

Another femdom castration caption?  Dear me
Hmmm... she's rather pretty isn't she?  It'll be fun fantasising about her when you're lying in bed after your operation.  As long as your throat doesn't ache so much you're not feeling in the mood, anyway.  Something to look forward to!

Lesbian twosome is the closest youll get
God, it can be agonising waiting for a woman to come sometimes, can't it?  Especially when you've started drawing blood.  Oh well - better get on with it.

Femdom mercy or merci
Really, you can scream and beg as much as you like.  She doesn't mind at all.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

I have to praise Her I should...

Whipped to orgasm
Although to be fair, it takes him even longer.  Months, usually.

Terminal OWK - very poor taste
Oh don't worry - it's just a caption, she's not really that unfeeling.  Anyway, she got another one, so it all ended up well.

Female led marriage
Marriage - it takes some getting used to.  Just deciding to eat whenever you feel like it, thinking only of yourself, entering or leaving a room without permission, owning things - you just have to gradually accept that you don't do that any more.

One femdom swallow does not a summer...oh Im not going there
Refusng to swallow could turn out to be quite hazardous to your health, though.

Muzzled by his domme