Monday, February 28, 2022

споглядаючи божественне

Yes, in what must be an enormous relief to the defenders of Kyiv, this blog has taken the momentous step of declaring its support for the brave girls... OK and the boys as well, bless them... defending their country.  Possibly a pointless and performative gesture you might say (and you'd be right) or possibly just not what you came here to read, as you sit there, trousers down around your ankles (and you'd probably be right again but there's no point your taking to the comments to tell me to stay out of politics, as I'm wilful and stubborn).

Ukraine is of course the country that elected this leader, whom apparently the Russians didn't like at all.  Which is (yet) another thing to like about her.



Also, the following images claim to be of Ukrainian fighters and soldiers and it says so on the Internet, so I'm sure it must be true.




OK, I think I'd be prepared to admit I don't necessarily believe this one is an actual servicewoman, but the blog wasn't created to be particularly realistic.



I am generally avoiding pictures of the genuine lady soldiers (such as the Ukrainian parliamentarian) who have taken up arms in recent days, as it's not actually a matter for a lighthearted porno blog (few war-related things are) but this lady, a former Miss Ukraine, seems to have her picture all over the place, so here she is here:

Aaaand finally, there are Ukrainian pro-dommes - well of course there are.  And while good BDSM safety awareness means I can't really recommend attempting to visit those that are in Kyiv just now (unless you like your play very hard-core), they do at least provide a sense of what the country has that is so very worth defending.  Let's hope they are all safe.

Mistress Anna (... possibly, if you believe in these kind of generic escort sites, I guess):

Mistress Goldy:

Helene Nuar:



Слава Україні!

Friday, February 25, 2022

Her whim be done

Reminds me of this amazing time I paid a pair of sex workers for the 'two girls' experience.  That was a lot of ironing, I can tell you - not to mention dealing with the mess they'd made of the sheets doing whatever they were doing while I was slaving away in the utility room.



Don't worry - she'll discover new interests when she's married.  People do.



Women sometimes take a while to accustom themselves to just how much flogging males really need.  There's no end to it, truth be told.




If they're feeling kind maybe they won't pass the 'mad bitch' comment on.

Do pay Cruella a visit.  Still going after all these years.

Mistress is going on a business trip in a few weeks leaving the two of you alone together, so perhaps that will provide an opportunity to resolve this nonsense once and for all?  Really talk it through, I mean.  Maybe even try to find a compromise.  She's not going to risk a smacked bottom, after all.


Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Supremely confident

Thank goodness he's around.



My SO can be quite inconsistent on this.  If a tawse or cane she was hoping to use goes missing - or on one memorable occasion the batteries from her favourite cattle-prod - she instantly suspects me and we 'have a little chat' about it.  But if a key isn't where she'd expected it to be it's 'just one of those things' and 'is bound to turn up in a month or two'.  Women.  Eh? 




As anyone deeply familiar with the OWK photographic record will testify: describing an OWK slave as 'that one with the stupid moustache' isn't really specific enough.  They might have to have a lot of slaves punched to be sure to get the right one.  Still, no real harm done if so, I suppose.

Am I the only male sub whose first experience of toilet slavery was during the interval during a fully-booked theatrical performance?  I suspect not.



...which is actually true of a lot of things, if you think about it.  As I'm sure you have.  Pervert.



Friday, February 18, 2022

Unrestrained elegance

A truly service-oriented submissive would have one ready, anticipating her needs.




They say Paris is the city of lovers.  Maybe she'll have a several, while you're there.



Don't worry, the whip's just for show.  Well... I mean, it's mainly for the slaveboy, obviously.  But in this context, it's mainly for show.



You're very much at the bottom end of it, obviously, but part of the family nonetheless.

Skirts are much more convenient, as I can personally attest.


Friday, February 11, 2022

Her husband, her rules

She doesn't need any limits, so why would you?



Actually, the disciplinary spankings can also be part of a healthy, active sex life, as long as it's understood that it's not yours.





It's a day to express gratitude, so don't forget to do that. Oh - and to count, too.



Don't worry: 'the good bit' goes on for a long time.

When she says she 'doesn't believe a word of it' she means the story, obviously.  She fully agrees with the statement that was actually tattooed on.


Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Sweet surrender


It's basically harmless: it's just in a cage to keep it from getting into trouble, that's all.




Life-long learning.  Apparently we'll all be doing that in the future, which sounds very exciting.




No, nothing.




Happiest day of your life they say.  OK, that's not always true but it does seem certain there will be a great many days after this one that are thoroughly unhappy, so it's quite an accurate description.

Oh well.  She tried.  Now she'll try something else.


Friday, February 4, 2022

She looked like something special

 ...the kind who'd understand.

Perhaps she'll bring you a treat.

Where there's a will - and strong pelvic muscles, restraints and plenty of lube - there's a way.

Some valuable soft skills there, to complement the hard skill set many of the senior staff already have.

If men's libbers feel oppressed, they've got no one to blame but themselves.

Raoul has a gay friend!  Sign of the times.  Maybe he's moving on from those ridiculous old-fashioned attitudes.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Indifferent ways of loving

Oh well, at least she's finally taking an interest.




'Getting annoyed' is something the OWK ladies are quite spectacularly good at.  I understand it's listed on the application form for the job.




That's reassuring.


Oh dear, what a terrible tragedy.  The poor thing.  She'd only just started to get over the previous one.

Let's hope they don't go too far.  These things can easily get out of hand.