Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Frustrating femmes

Increasingly, I find 'the prospect of an orgasm' is all there is, along with the memories of them too, of course.  But my SO has other means of motivation, so that's OK.

You might want to try to get used to it, just in case the witch doesn't co-operate.  Good thing you've got someone to look after you, anyway.


She's a very sympathetic person - just ask the boys - but even her sympathy has its limits.



On that principle, I ought to be a very good person by now, but oddly my SO doesn't agree.



It's funny how vanilla sex workers can be crueller than the dommes.  Without even knowing it, sometimes.



  1. Love these, Servitor......Zoe

  2. Against my better judgement I have been sleeping with Max, my sissy slave husband. It is mainly because I am so busy I haven't had time to meet a real alpha man. The kind who deserves me. Surprisingly, Max is a very good lover. He is attentive, gentle and does as I want. I haven't resorted to take his chastity off. The CB5000 remains in place.

    He licks, he fingers, he kisses he scrams with delight. The perfect sissy boy.

    After a while I find I need penetration, from a big and strong alpha, but Max is sweet.

    Ahhhh, so sweet.

    It is breakfast time and I am reading my emails on my cell as Max worships my smelly feet.

    ''Oh high goddess, I love your feet. May I sniff your pantyhose before you put them on. Pretty please, goddess.''

    ''Go to the wash basket and get my pantyhose from yesterday. You may sniff them after I go to work, ok? Good boy.''

    ''You were so beautiful last night, goddess. May I have my CB5000 taken off tonight?''

    ''No!. Silly boy. Pour me another coffee, please.''

    I put on my pantyhose as Max watches. They are a pretty shade of tan and make my legs look extra long. I have a Board meeting today, I am giving a presentation on a new contract we have with Mercedes Benz. I am looking forward to it. I will wear my candy striped skirt suit with black heels. My severe black spectacle frames will complete the 'Dominatrix' look. The guys will be trying to hide their enthusiasm, the women will be admiring. I love it. There are more women on the bard than men, naturally, as it is a firm run on gynarchy principles.

    ''Put my brief case and purse by the font door, Max. Good boy.''

    ''Ma'am, may I ask a question?''

    ''If it is quick, Max.''

    ''May I lick your smelly bottom before you go to work, please goddess.''


    So I went to work, with a happy sissy left at home.



    1. How could Max imagine you'd want to remove his CB5000 when in bed? You're hardly going to want a nasty sticky mess on your nice clean sheets, are you Ms Zoe. There's a time (very occasionally) and a place (usually somewhere nicely waterproofed and clinical) for males to discharge their sperm. Housetrained males certainly wouldn't do so on the furniture.

      Best wishes


  3. Well, they haven't got shoes on and Mistress Emma makes sure that my metal chastity cage is always locked on. I think they would probably hurt themselves more than they would hurt me. BUT if they then tell Mistress that they have hurt their (extremely pretty) feet by kicking me in the groin, Mistress would be sure to blame me, and there would be much worse consequences. So, if I curl up in a ball on the floor and be pathetic and beg them not to kick me, maybe, just maybe they will think it is not even worth disentangling themselves from each other and getting off the couch.
    Would that work, Servitor?

    1. You could certainly try that Melissa. However, as they are new to the whole experience, you could go further and offer to be positively helpful, don't you think? For instance, your observation that they are both barefoot is a valid one, so perhaps you could point out that the whole business would be much more effective if they were properly shod, and even offer to help them on with the boots.

      That way, you might (I don't know?) get to indulge a bit of a boot fetish and you'd still experience a good kicking, so things would work out quite well all round.

      As for the chastity, do bear in mind there are places to be kicked other than the balls. My SO enjoys nothing better than giving me a good hard kick in the face, after I kneel down into the position to receive the toe of her boot and put on a big silly smile (she says it's more fun that way). Plus, I once spent much of an afternoon bent over (and wearily getting up again) enduring an arse-kicking contest between her and her sister, after which I'll confess I was about as much use as a one-legged man.

      Best wishes