Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Shameful display!

Apologies to anyone offended by this image of a male actually experiencing sexual pleasure.  Don't worry - he'll be made to suffer for it later.
Time for a witty, cutting rejoinder, I think. Just try to think of one.

Details, details.  Women - why do they always have to explain everything like that?

These details matter to her.  So now they matter to you.
A very fair point.  On with the spreader gag and let's give it a go!

Extra Anne for the anonymous commenters who rightly pointed out that the captioned image of Anne in a space suit last time was a repost.  Just a silly mistake, by an old fool.


  1. And you don't need all of that 8 feet all of the time. I am sure a smaller cage could fit nicely in that space maybe two. One smaller than the other.


    1. Well, sure. I mean, obviously he's not going to have the free run of the place, just roaming from one end of the cage to the other whenever his fancy takes him. It's a D&S relationship after all - there have to be some rules, a few constraints.