Sunday, July 12, 2015

New job

So, that’s that!  Last session.  Hope you enjoyed it.
Hmm?  No – I’m giving up the business completely, I’m afraid.  Got another job!
You know about this new programme they have for convicted rapists?  Hard labour and corporal punishment  - well, it’s just like the job, isn’t it?  They even keep them in chastity belts.
So I saw an ad for prison guards and I thought ‘why not?’  I didn’t think they’d really want a pro-domme, but I had an interview and then they gave me a rapist to work on – you know, show what I could do.  I really enjoyed it, actually.  Just brought home to me how much I hate pandering to you lot – dressing up like this, not really hitting hard, safewords, all that. So I really went for it. 
And they said it was great! Later on, when he had his apology session with his victim, they said they’d never seen anyone begging for mercy so frantically.  Didn’t do him any good – she gave him the maximum additional years.  Apparently they always do.

So yeah, I start next Tuesday. No more pro-domme, no more clients.
Hmm? No, I don’t want to stay in touch. If that’s all right. It was always just business. You know?  There are plenty more dommes. You just have to accept that you’re not seeing me again.
Well yes, I suppose we would see each other again if you rape someone!  But really, you do not want to meet me like that.  You wouldn’t believe how much more it hurts when I really mean it.
Oh - and rape is not a joking matter.  Rather a bad note to end on, don't you think?  But then you always were a bit of a tosser.  Now fuck off.
Yeah, you too. Bye. Stay out of trouble.
The role of the divine Goddess Heather in this story was played by, errr, Divine Goddess Heather, appearing in a Femme Fatale Films photoshoot.

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