Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah

More captioned images of female domination.  Obviously.

Captioned image of Mistress Vixen showingf her skills
I hope Peter appreciates the expertise.  Look at that whip-work.  Marvellous.

And it's probably best to think of all that housework as roleplay too.  Hell, she might even let you wear a little maid dress if you ask nicely.

Dominatrix squeezes both men into her cage
She's actually talking to the man in the cage, you know, not to you.

Femdom nurse might have removed more than your tonsils
You can get compensation for that, I understand. Just fill out a form and they might give you anything up to £25.  Worth a go.  You could buy some panties with it.

captioned image of a German safeword
If any German-speaking females want to correct my grammar, spelling or anything else, then of course they are welcome to do so - and propose any appropriate correction to help the lesson stick in my mind.


  1. I believe it that long German word caused serious “Hochspannung” (electric potential, tension) for you rightfully already before the whipping.

  2. A cage Its the only way to keep am in line