Saturday, October 29, 2011

Learning to disrespect myself for who I am

I went on a course at work this week that included a module on building self-esteem.  Fortunately I'll be visiting my Significant Other soon, and she can usually put it right back to where it should be.  And it gave me an idea for one of the captions below.

On with the captioned images (of female domination)!

Domme secretary dumb boss
I think she's due a pay rise.

Don't look down!
How did you get on?  Did you?  So did I.  Never mind - maybe next time.

Sneering domme psychiatrist...yum
You don't have an inferiority complex, you see - you actually are inferior.

Two dominas play a bit rough
Never mind.  These things happen.


Anne sells a slave
The worst of it is that she's a multi-millionaire film star.  It's not as if she needs the money.


  1. These are all good ... but the second one is positively stunning!! Thanks!

  2. The inferiority complex caption is the best i have ever seen.
    I wish i could go to therapy there, i may learn to accept myself.

  3. Now steady on, markus98765. Don't want to go giving me feelings of adequacy, there.