Friday, May 1, 2015

Shiny things


Can't argue with that.
No, not so long.  30 seconds, tops.
It's certainly something like that.
Leaves a bitter taste.


  1. Great captions as usual, Servitor. I always enjoy them and admire your ability to come up with brilliant plots.
    I am intrigued by the Lady in the last picture.... she seems vaguely familiar. Have you got any idea who she is?
    prof Rath

    1. A pleasure to have you commenting here, Prof. No doubt it is all in the interests of advancing scientific research.

      I am afraid I don't really know who the lady is. For me, she was a "Shiny Lady" on ImageFap. To others, rather disgracefully in my opinion, she is Maria from bondagelog - a site apparently devoted to tying up young and attractive young ladies. I've never really seen the point, I must say - I mean, how can they spank us if their hands are tied? Still, it takes all sorts to make an Internet.

  2. Tu red social gratuita de contactos BDSM y Fetichismo. Comunidad Sado.

  3. Really really funny, the second picture!

    For years men have been unfairly suspects, but thanks to South Park girls all over the world now know the truth. We should really address those spooky ghosts!

    1. I think we've all been there, merk. Or wondered out loud how where all those snails came from - the ones that must have crawled all over the sheets. The trick is to find a good woman who just doesn't mind. Either that, or one with a soundproofed cellar and a whipping bench.