Friday, October 23, 2015

Feeling her pain

Some men aren't very good at that, but with the help of a really determined woman, you'll find you become quite good at it.  Try practicing at a fixed time each week, for example.

I think once a day is usually enough for me, when it comes to cold showers, but occasionally I wake up in the morning needing a quick one.
And you wouldn't want to be offensively unsubmissive.  Anyway, that's illegal.
I suppose those other men have to keep their session visits secret from their wives. Must be awful.
Yes, Mary can be kind like that.  Eventually.
Yeah, c'est la vie.  Che sera sera.


  1. Oh do forgive me Ma'am!
    The LAST thing I would want to do is be 'offensively unsubmissive'!
    Yes Ma'am! The New Matriarchy IS more just and a better way to live!
    Forgive me I beg!

    1. There's a thin line, you know, between an appropriately obsequious level of grovelling and sarcasm. Just as long as you know where it is, SH, hmmm?

    2. Where the line is, is very simple to understand.
      It is wherever she says it is of course!

  2. damn,, dat blonde on the second pic from the end so HOT.. it seems me i know the female very resembling with her

    1. Hot, but surely out of reach. Well, unless Mary lengthens the chain quite considerably, anyway.