Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Don't worry her pretty little head about it

Because she really doesn't care.  Just suffer in silence, unless she prefers you to suffer noisily.

In case any readers are thinking of trying this, removal of male sexual organs should only ever be carried out under the supervision of a trained medical professional, OK?  The shooting club from where the photo was taken always has a qualified paramedic on standby. So they can enjoy their sport, without any serious health risks.

Mmm....  You wanted a cruel and sexy findomme, right?

Anna's always too soft on them. Look at all that puppy fat he's put on too!  Soon sort that out.

It's funny how many men say they want their wives to take charge but as soon as they get thrown out naked and without a penny, start whining about how that wasn't what they wanted.

The girls at my school used to play skipping games. In fact, my first proper beating was with a skipping rope doubled over and soaked in water. Happy days. 


  1. What "counting game" is Rita referring to in the last caption? Should I be familiar with it? Is it a UK thing?

    1. Oh, it's just a little thing between her and her husband. Matter of fact, he's not entirely sure how it works either.

      Many peculiar things are UK things. Cheese-rolling... twiglets... people with names beginning 'ff'... brexit. But not that, as far as I know.

  2. luv these

    Anne was amazing in The Hustle incredible performance owning men, great wardrobe

    1. I'd better save up my pocket money to go and see it then!