Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The radical alternative

I don't know why this always happens but no sooner had I put up the latest post detailing the loving matriarchal embrace of President Hathaway's administration, than another pile of posters that seem to indicate a very different political future awaiting us appeared in my imaginary time machine.  

Is it a warning?  A promise?  


  1. Long long-term appliescence ("Долгие продолжительные апплодисменты") ! All men subscribe to every slogan!

  2. I will indeed subscribe to every slogan put out by our gender-superior betters, Whether that slogan is written in English, Russian or something that's kind-of in-between!

    Thank you Alex.


  3. Is that licence like a passport every 10 years or like the tax disc on a car? Perhaps the proof of licence might be a tag put somewhere. What sort of sentence would we all have here for looking at all those dominant Ladies. Femsup