Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Youngers and betters


Memo to self: stop using the phrase "there's nothing worse than X" in front of SO.  She takes it as a personal challenge.

You'll soon discover that a day with no whipping at all is a special day. Very special.




Don't worry, they're not having you castrated and lobotomised until after the marriage.  Just after: between the ceremony and the reception.  You can think of it as your wedding gift to them.





Poor old Simon - doesn't get to see the sexy lingerie!  And to think she was worried you might be jealous of him.

Appendectomy: of course.  After all, that nurse would hardly have shaved his groin area this morning if it was his throat that was being operated on, now would she? 



  1. And that enema ward is just a misspelling of Emma. Femsup

    1. Yes, the hospital's full of spelling mistakes. One institute on its grounds has a sign outside it proclaiming it to be concerned with 'gynarchology' if you can believe such a thing. Probably a male signwriter...

      Best wishes