Friday, November 1, 2019

May the Lady make us truly thankful

'Squeakity' indeed!  I'd like to point out that I'm actually speaking perfectly normally, just in a very high pitch and with a lot of hysterical shrieking and pleading.

My SO found out once that I'd taken out a book on lock-picking.  She over-reacted completely - as usual! - and after a long and sometimes difficult evening 'discussing' it, I had to take it back the very next day.  The librarian was quite pleased: she said there was a long waiting list for it.  All men.

I've occasionally wondered what I'd do with all the money, if I won the lottery. I suppose if it ever actually happened, she'd tell me soon enough, though.

It's perfectly normal. Don't worry about a thing: you have a long life ahead of you.

She always finds it quite upsetting when this happens.  She's actually a very nice person - I don't know why she stays with him.


  1. So if I've got this right, that phone belongs to a Mr John Lewis. Can we expect to see these devices in our local department stores soon, I ask myself?????

    1. Oh now come on, Freddie, it's a perfectly common name. You think he hasn't had people pointing that out all his life, poor chap? He's facing a difficult enough time of it over the next few days without having that flung in his face too.

  2. Oh well,never mind, and there was me looking forward to how it might feature in the Christmas Advert....