Friday, November 15, 2019

Our youngers and betters

I suppose it never hurts to go through things again, just to make sure.  Well... I don't mean it never actually hurts - obviously it does hurt - I just mean.... oh , you know.

The longer it goes on, the longer his pleasureable anticipation, I suppose.

I wonder what she has planned for the evening.  For you, that is.

Aww... is there a little furry... hairy, leggy, fangy.. friend in there with you? Or several.

You, by contrast, can easily go quite badly wrong.  But you'll know when you do.


  1. I had nuts, they got cut. Now I take it in the butt.

    1. I was sorry to read of your lack
      (of your gonads and no doubt their sack)
      But sex can continue
      With things she puts in you
      That’s why there’s a hole at the back.

    2. The skin's still there (just to be fair.)