Friday, February 7, 2020


Noun: the state of being a subject.  That used to be me but now I'm more objective.

No great loss, right?

Somehow it still feels like I'm on the leash, even when I'm not.  Strange, that.

I rolled a six this month!  But apparently "rules are made to be broken"!  Not her usual attitude to rules, I have to say... but that's women for you.  Bless 'em.

She's already being the best wife she can. That's why you're wearing the shock collar.

My brain hurts.  Sorry: I think I'm just too male today to understand this one. Something about a hash?  Is she talking about breakfast?


  1. Its easy when She puts it like that. I really like the eradication of the 27% at one stroke.Femsup

    1. Yes indeed. My SO is absolutely outraged at the continuing gender pay gap. I tried once pointing out that the practical impact on her and on me is relatively small, as she does not work and my salary is paid into a bank account to which only she has access. But apparently that was 'mansplaining' and we ended up having a rather uncomfortable conversation about that, so best to keep quiet I think.

  2. "If you can't walk to heel properly, yuo're going back on the leash"
    Short said, but how figurative!

    1. She's disappointed in him - she'd trusted him by letting him off the leash, but it seems he just wasn't ready for that much freedom.